Strategy Webinar Direct Response Ads ⋆ Moses Yoon
June 21, 2017 admin

Strategy Webinar Direct Response Ads

e.c.(p.p. + u.m.) + i.i. = $

emotionally compelling – big marketing idea gets prospects emotionally invested and excited about the result they can experience. promise of transformation – they can experience it via a new and different method.

primary promise
unique mechanism
intellectually interesting – gives prospects a feeling of discovery – ah ha moment – stumbled on something newsworthy – hear more about.

business outsourcing vs 4 hour workweek – escape the 95 live anywhere and join the new rich
p90x – muscle confusion
olive leaf extract supplement – napoleon’s military spies discover: the spanish army’s secret for robust health’ – spain’s military doctors used this secret weapon to transform their soldiers into a front-line superhuman fighting force. on this page, discover exactly what it is and how to get some for yourself…

tulane university confirms medical breakthrough:
tiny biotech unveils ‘single shot’ cure for heart disease – the news could go public any day… and this small san diego based company will instantly dominate a 305 billion market. investors who act now could book gains of 9,275%… here’s how…

marketing argument