Social Listening Software For Online Reputation Management ⋆ Moses Yoon
August 29, 2016 admin

Social Listening Software For Online Reputation Management

We have two ears and 1 mouth (listen twice as much as you speak)

It’s ‘normal’ to yell and scream at people to listen to you. That is a fast way to get ignored or mentally blocked out.
Yet that is what most brands do. So how do brands get heard?


It’s not about being heard. You just want to get some attention right?

One of the best ways to get what you want is to give out the thing that you want.
(want friendship, be a good friend, want love, love others, want respect, respect others… And so on).

So if you want people to pay attention to your brand maybe it is time to pay attention to what other people want.

So why not be different and listen for a change? It is far easier to engage with the people who are actively looking for solutions and asking for answers and create conversations from there. Pretty soon others start to chime in. You get referrals. Your brand stands out because people aren’t used to being heard/listened to. And you join the small % of the population of companies that listen on social media – thus standing out.

Next time people want something they will think of your brand.



Google Alerts also works.

Using some ninja methods, you can also gain PR for your social listening efforts which can translate into huge wins for your brand and potentially convert a lot of your competitors customers to new customers for your business overnight.

Sometimes cost isn’t a big enough reason for some people to switch… However, when they know they will be treated better and listened to then they will do what they can to switch even if it means paying high cancellation fees. People are strange like that.