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December 14, 2017 admin

Facebook Cloaker

Not recommended unless you have lots of backup accounts e.g. hundreds or even thousands and a mentor to guide you so you don’t ‘throw darts with a blindfold’ on.

Cloaking services:

  • NoIPFraud
  • Fraudbuster
  • JustCloakIt
  • Trafficarmor

On the Web there are very few of them, but the trend of this function is growing.


Closed service, you can get to that only by referring to the one who advised to apply. Currently, more than 300 customers have used the service.


It is positioned as the fastest bot-protection tool in the world. It qualitatively discovers competitors, undesirable visitors, robots and bots, as a result of which no one can spy on your landing pages.


The service offers a safe way to receive traffic for various affiliate offers such as diet, weight loss, gambling, dating and more through Facebook ads, advertising in Bing, Google Ads, Google Play and so on. JustCloakIt is a powerful service that can filter out bad traffic in the form of bots, data centers, spy-tool.


Block unwanted visitors in a minute! The service has a powerful and flexible traffic filtering platform, ensuring full protection of your land. Installation takes no more than 2 minutes, and the minimum monthly price starts at $ 129 per month.

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