CTR -> Higher QS = Lower CPC ⋆ Moses Yoon
April 24, 2014 admin

CTR -> Higher QS = Lower CPC

If you are like me and want quicker results simply focus on YouTube video marketing (Google owns YouTube and dedicates slots in its SERPs for videos – especially how-to’s).

Selling products online? Go with PPC. Keep your focus on increasing Quality Score over Cost Per Click. A PPC ad bidding at $1 with a QS of 10/10 will rank higher and convert better than a PPC ad bidding at $8 with a QS of 1/10 for the same product or service.

There is more to running a successful pay-per-click campaign than meets the eye. Google recently brought about 10 new game changers to PPC ads just this past week. Want to know what these changes entail and how to take advantage of them right away? 😉

(CTR) The single most powerful way to raise the Quality Scores of your ads is to raise your Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and get more PPC conversions.

Here 3 quick tips to optimize your ads for a higher Click-Through-Rate:

  1. Don’t neglect including a Call To Action: Include what it is that you want the prospect to do.
  2. Test out different variations of each ad: This doesn’t mean scrambling how words are organized but using completely different words tareting different buyer emotions. Small changes can lead to big changes in your CTR and thus conversions. Remember that your ads should not be misleading because your prospect will simply leave the landing page when they discover the ad was just that. Don’t spend too much time focusing on changing the colours of your landing page CTA buttons and so forth. Rather, focus on how the words are organized. Follow Pareto’s principle and start cutting down on the number of ad variations that you use for each specific product category (If 80% of the results comes from 20% of your ads, only use the 20% and continue to improve on them).
  3. Set a date for when the campaign should end: This will help you keep track of the statistics for comparison purposes.