How can I make $2,000 per week with just my laptop? ⋆ Moses Yoon
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How can I make $2,000 per week with just my laptop?

Hmm sorry to see the lack of realistic answers here…

Ecommerce is ok.. Amazon FBA is great but they blocked new sellers in Q4 (plus its not really a business you own). You should focus on building long-term assets.

If you are somewhat tech savvy, start by aligning yourself with a VA/outsourcing company. I prefer the Philippines for various reasons.

Build a list/team of qualified applicants on skype that you’ll be keeping in touch with.

I’ll give you one method that I find fairly simple to accomplish to meet your $96,000/year requirements. By the way, $100k is a really low figure these days especially if you are tech/online savvy and entrepreneurial (working on a business and not in it).

Go on Get Everything You Need Starting at $5 – Fiverr and pay someone to scrape yellowpages/local directories for law firms (preferably in higher paying countries). If you want to go more advanced pay someone who uses builtwith to scrape together a list for you with certain filters (can get very specific).

Put together a website with content that explains benefits of various things (education) relating to a service you will be offering. Online Reputation Management is a decent service to offer law firms, surgeons, etc. You will be sending visitors to that website so they can get more info. The website ideally shows exactly what you will be doing. It is the virtual 24/7 version of you sitting 1–on-1 with a client. Videos, images, content will be plenty to prequalify those who eventually call to say they want to know how to proceed with your services.

Start out offering your services for free in exchange for reviews/referrals.

Simple example:

You pay your VA to email your list and lets say you are really bad and only 1 person replies for every 100 emails sent. PS: Keep in mind that you should be can-spam compliant when doing this. Learn the rules and cold-emailing will be your cheapest way to get new leads. Anyways, say your VA sends 1000 emails and 10 people reply. Of those 10 that reply, you get your VA to phone them, prequalify them, and send them to the website that does a lot of explaining for you. If you want to hop onto a call with the clients to learn about their business and what they’ve tried in the past you can do that.

Going back to “offering free services…” If you are new in business, can’t ethically sell because you aren’t very qualified/experienced, or want to increase future conversion rates with social proof then you offer your services for free in exchange for referrals & a testimonial. To do this, start off contacting only top companies/influencers that you look up to and offer to help them out FREE. This sounds crazy but it works.

So for your first round you send out 1000 emails and 200 people agree to the free offer. You pick the top 10 and offer your services. When done, their review goes onto your website which shows some credibility – especially if your future prospects know those people.

PS: don’t offer free services if you are totally inexperienced with tech and what you are offering. You could easily damage a business’s reputation and revenue which can cost thousands/millions of dollars in lost business. I can’t stress this enough…

So once you do this, in your future emails you can mention that you’ve worked with top companies/influencers and their testimonials on your website would show that. This increases conversion rates and builds some trust in the cold-email process.

Say you are cleaning up negative review sites or building new sites/properties that will push down the negative ones. You can offer your service for a set fee 1-time or per month (there are more ways but this is just in a general sense). You should have your VA team on a system to get those things done so you can rinse and repeat.

How do you sell customers? Well it is easy. You can use Adwords KW planner to show the volume of searches a month that your clients may be missing out on due to having negative reviews or no reviews. It’s pretty simple to show how much business a company is missing out on or that their competitors are getting if you understand basic numbers. This makes it a no-brainer so you don’t need to pressure anyone and can just work with the willing.

If your VA team sends 1000 emails a week and you are getting 100+ customers a month on a $200 plan then that is $20,000/month. You can automate a lot of these things so that customers just have to buy the service as they would a pen off Amazon all from your website. You can scale down to 5–10 clients a month down the road that pay $10k/mo each (provided you provide more than that in value/profit in the long term). You’ll suddenly be at $100k/mo. Rinse and repeat.

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