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April 27, 2014 admin

Brett Wilson: Advice That Can Change Your Life

This is a great read.

I also believe any entrepreneur that has learned sales & marketing skills from those that have had massive success before them and also have integrity, trustworthiness, and a genuine desire to help others, will undoubtedly succeed. It’s inevitable. Your passion should fuel your desire to learn.

The money first attitude comes from a place of weakness. Businesses should focus on solving a problem and delivering solutions to that problem in the best way possible.

Think of how many problems there are in the world. Next time you say to yourself “I wish there was a …” write it down because there might not be anyone else with that solution.  Voila, an opportunity.

Businesses that stop growing are only hurting consumers who may need but don’t know about the company. Never stop growing and never stop failing.

Believe in what you do, and most importantly, believe in yourself.