Anyone Can Learn To Become An Entrepreneur ⋆ Moses Yoon
August 31, 2016 admin

Anyone Can Learn To Become An Entrepreneur

People can learn the skills to become an entrepreneur.
They will also need to have learned a lot of these things through trial and error and experience…
Reading books on how to ride a bicycle or how to swim is different from actually swimming.
For me, it was school/army/working since I was in grade school and knowing that I needed to find a way to have more not just for myself but for others around me.
I think anyone can learn how to do it. Some just aren’t willing to do the ‘how.’ Or maybe I should say most aren’t willing.
Everyone finds their own way. They have the turning point in their life where they realize that they need to start doing things differently.
Some just want more (although simply wanting more doesn’t make someone an entrepreneur either as there are a lot of people who want but take no action).

Where are you at now?

If someone were to offer you $1m now in cash to take away your ability to start your own enterprise in your lifetime would you take it? I see that as being a bad deal.

If you were a wealthy investor would you bet on YOU? I know I would.

Would you give up freedom for comfort and security? I wouldn’t.

You need to know the skills and also have the life experiences that will push you through.
First start by learning the skills and then jump in and figure out the rest.