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If you remember that article where we explored RevenueHits as an Adsense Alternative and you tested it, you’ll like this one.
This is one of THE BEST pop under ad networks i’ve seen in the last years. And I wrote a complete guide to show you how to use it: Make money with PopUnder Ads.
The thing about pop unders is that they can work really well in different countries cause you’re monetizing on a CPM basis instead of monetizing per click.
With Adsense, if you had 100 visits and 3 clicks, you’d receive money for those 3 clicks.
With PopUnders, if you have 100 visits, you’0ll have 100 impressions and receive a commission for it.
Anyway, PopUnders are great for video sites, download sites, streaming sites and anything around those niches. Some friends are doing more than $500 per day with PopUnders and it’s one of my favorite monetization methods aside from Adsense.
Here’s the complete guide: Make Money with PopUnder Ads
BTW, these type of ads work super good with mobile visitors. I’ve seen CPMs above $50 with Propeller Ads, so if you’ve got mobile traffic, this is something you want to A/B test.
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