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Amazon Best Seller Ranking – 0 to $100k

What if you could get your product in a big box retail store?
Hang on. You can! It’s called

Ask me anything! I’ve spent 100s of hours studying blueprints of people who went from $0 to $100k PER month in less than 12 months and know people who are making $1m per month in gross revenues each month and still growing. Forget all of your preconceived notions. Anyone that knows what I do about becoming an Amazon seller would drop everything else and do this business because it is extremely simple to do with almost no barriers to entry. You don’t even need to be tech savvy.
amazon growth

What kinds of products do we want to import?
4. amazon best sellers

5. bsr
8. simple

7. small light

6. 10-60 dollar
The process.

Using Amasuite 4 software I was able to find 100s of product ideas – literally within minutes.

One of the products with a BSR best seller rank of #68 was o.k. but I clicked through to one of the recommended products with a lower BSR. A lower BSR means higher revenues. Amazon ranks products with a low BSR higher because they want to promote products that make them more money (similar to how Google wants to promote the most relevant searches for its users. It’s a win win.


Product – foot pedicure tool
A potential supplier/manufacturer

Another product

Amazon listing for foot files
Alibaba foot file product

You buy the foot file product for 25 cents and sell for about $9 on Amazon. Cost of shipping and Amazon fees may cost a couple of bucks but the rest is profit. If you have a BSR under #1000, you will likely be making $3000-$10,000 profit from 1 product each month and Amazon does all the work. As your sales volume increases which it will, you can negotiate better prices with your suppliers by ordering in larger quantities. Always start with a small sample order.

You find the product and get the product shipped from the manufacturer straight to the FBA warehouse.
13. fba

I’m not going to give away my best product ideas but you get the picture. There is an infinite amount of opportunity on Amazon.


Not Just Marketers

We only use strategies that work and work with clients who have a basic understanding of how online marketing and lead generation works. We’ve built multiple 6-figure businesses in less than 12 months from scratch with no existing client base and can do the same in many other industries. One of our clients who will provide a testimonial over the phone generated an extra $300k in 8 months through new clients after working with me. I don’t guarantee results but I show you what I’m doing and why there is at least a chance that it will work. Many other companies employ marketing strategies that won’t even give you a chance to get new clients but we genuinely want to help.

Internet marketing and building websites is something we do on the side. We can work with you to create new products or private labeling existing products with manufacturers in China – guiding you through the steps to find a reputable supplier from,,,, chinavasion,,,, and more. We will even ship your first order over with our own inventory and clear them for you through customs. I will show you how to find hot products with high margins, do competitor analysis, pull up data on all the products in that niche, how to get your product on top of search rankings, whether or not there is a market, ways to create a better product, and everything else you need to know to create life changing income. I will show you a very simple 10 step strategy that you can use to generate additional income with just 1 product. We only focus on high margin products e.g. items that cost less than $3 to produce that are selling rapidly on Amazon for $35-$40. We will show you how to sell products online without carrying any inventory, with no technical skills, and no clue how to ship products. Our core focus is in business development and helping our partners succeed in whatever their next business venture may be. My personal goal is to arm you with the knowledge to make millions of dollars so that you can have more time, freedom, income, and do the things you love.

If you have a product you wish to bring to the market and want to work with me and have access to my marketing team then shoot me an email and we can discuss your project over the phone. I’m not the type of person that will steal an idea. If you bring an idea to me, I refuse to go into that market unless we are doing business together. There are hundreds of thousands of ideas out there and millions of ways to make a million dollars even if you only have $500 to start. I do business based on trust and expect the same.

Selling On Amazon

Selling physical private/white labeled products via Amazon FBA is one of the best opportunities out there to make a legitimate income. This golden opportunity gives millions of Amazon sellers the ability to work wherever they want, whenever they want, with the ability to scale. Like anything, there are downsides to be aware of. However, the benefits FAR… Read more


15 cents per item to destroy. 50 cents per item to ship back.

Know the terms of service.

Aim for a 350-400% profit margin after Amazon fees. Don’t waste time with garage sales, clearance, and thrift stores.
Find a professional supplier e.g. China. (hourly rate has increased so other countries might be a better option) e.g. India 90c/hr China 3.50/hr
Products that are health related or applied to the skin (China) is not recommended due to less strict regulations compared to e.g. US.
Go for premium branding to increase margins. Don’t compete on price (buy box) with same branded items. Always do your research on the competition and find products that aren’t well marketed (e.g. bad photos, weak description, poor reviews) then make and improved version.
NEVER waste time putting something up that isn’t better than the other products in one way or another.
You can literally take over another persons sales (thousands of sales per month) simply by introducing an improved version and more attractive offer.

You can make money quickly on Amazon but you can also lose it quickly. Start small. Order samples. Scale accordingly.

Why I hate thrift stores, garage sales, clearance.. You are not leveraging your time effectively. The supply is limited. These places don’t ship the items for you to FBA centers. You could be buying counterfeit items and get shut down from Amazon. You don’t get to choose what you want to sell. There is no private labeling so you are competing with the buy box (cheapest prices) and the buy box gets 80% of clicks.

Amazon FBA: Good And Bad


Good? Many people are doing very well with Amazon. It is the best business model that I can think of when it comes to selling physical products online.