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PBN Links To Link Shorteners

This works more for 301 redirect link shorteners than 302 so know which one yours uses.

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rank and bank with parasite sites: http://dripapps.com/quick-easy-rankings-start-banking-2-hours/ – http://www.alexa.com/topsites



Every site needs HQ links to rank; T1 High Trust Flow Tumblr Links is one of my very own secret weapons to rank my websites very fast.

This gig is best suited directly to your Money Site.

Example: http://fofindiarodmi.tumblr.com/

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying your own PBN network (keeping up with the hosting, registration) and you don’t like to buy private blog network links because:

  1. You don’t own the network
  2. You have no control over how niche relevant the other links on the page are
  3. It’s hard to try all the provider to find the hand full of legit good PBN link providers, and when you find them you will notice that you will have to pay a monthly fee to maintain your links on the websites

Then this is the optimal solution for your needs. I will create a high TF Tumblr network for your site ONLY and hand you over all the details so you can login on the tumblrs yourself!

We don’t advise you to login on those Tumblrs without the use of private proxies, and we will set them up so you don’t have to touch them except you have another site in the same niche, then you can use them again to add links. But hey, they are yours, so you can do whatever you want with them.

I’ve ranked many low to medium competition websites with these Tumblr links alone. I’m creating this service because some people have been asking me to create these Tumblrs for them.

My goal is not to sell many of these networks.. I only want to sell a few a month because I do it all manually to ensure HQ . Also the price will rise when I get more orders, because the Tumblr accounts I use alone are already worth $15 each.


*the example this guy uses is deindexed – obviously did it wrong.

“Here’s What I will do for you:

  1. Register an expired Tumblr with a TF of at least 10. You can buy them here yourself if you want: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/seo-link-building/823557-expired-tumblr-blogs-high-tf-pa-google-page-ranking-limited-stock-best-price-bhw.html

    As you can see the price of those Tumblrs are 15$ each! (cheaper through another source where you can get several for $5 with higher TF/CF)

  2. Login on those Tumblr’s with an Unique Proxy so they don’t get banned.
  3. Unique Header + Avatar Image
  4. Unique Title + Description (Some random, some related to your niche,..)
  5. First post on Tumblr
    a.   Reblog
    b.   Welcome message
    c.   Pictures with no description
    d.  Video
  6. Short unique article of 150 -300 words with a contextual link to your money site. At the end of the article there are links to your social media platforms. (+ authority OBL + Images). We can make the article longer, but it’s not common on tumblr to have long articles.
  7. We queue another 5-10 images with links to your site and social media platforms through link shortenersa.                 https://bitly.com/
    b.                 http://tinyurl.com/
    c.                 http://ow.ly/url/shorten-url
    d.                 http://is.gd/
    e.                 http://u.to/

    So what we do is, create on each Tumblr a contextual link through an article on the Tumblr. Then we add image posts on the tumblrs with links to your website through link shorteners. So each Tumblr will have 8 -10 different links to your website and social platforms.

    This creates a huge Domain Authority Stack! And looks very natural in the eyes of Google to have all those links from Tumblr pointing to your site.

  8. Create a few more image posts without any links (to avoid deletion of Tumblrs)
  9. Hand you over the Tumblr Account information (email, usnername and password) so you have  complete access to the network.

Congrats you officially own now a your own Tumblr PBN Network!

I always send GSA links to the Tumblrs but I send them  through link shorteners like tinyurl. So I make 10-30 URL shorteners per Tumblr and spam the hell out of these link shorteners; afterwards I sometimes send only HQ contextual links with GSA to those tumblrs but I don’t go excessive with GSA on T2.

Another great thing to boost the Tumblrs is to send HQ blog comments to them.

My goal is not to sell many of these because it takes a lot of work. So I’m looking maximum to do 3 orders a month. Then it will be closed.”


Here’s a list of link shorteners that you can 301 redirect and blast SAPE, GSA, PBN, SER, and other links to. To be extra safe you can send them to a tier 2 rather than to your tier 1. Up to you.

TinyArrows ta.gd 301
Qy.fi qy.fi 301
TinyArrows ri.ms 301
HootSuite ow.ly 301
HootSuite ht.ly 301
Is.gd is.gd 301
Rock.to rock.to 301
V.gd v.gd 301
Bitly bit.ly 301
SnipURL cl.lk 301
Redir.ec redir.ec 301
Fwd.as fwd.as 301
Metamark xrl.us 301
Tiny.cc tiny.cc 301
SnipURL sn.im 301
Short.ie short.ie 301
SnipURL snurl.com 301
SnipURL snipr.com 301
SnipURL snipurl.com 301
TinyURL tinyurl.com 301
Tr.im tr.im 301
Google goo.gl 301
StumbleUpon su.pr 301
Twitter t.co 301
WordPress wp.me 301

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