Your 'Network' Is Your 'Net Worth' ⋆ Moses Yoon
August 10, 2015 admin

Your ‘Network’ Is Your ‘Net Worth’

Time and time again you will hear this phrase: ‘the money is in the list’. Well true and not true. You need to be know what to do with a list once you have one. An email list in the hands of a skilled online marketer who has proven their strategies is a very powerful and scalable vehicle. You can even leverage your existing email list through JV swaps to grow it even further. While I wouldn’t advise doing that with a list that you are buidling a relationship with, it certainly works for churn and burn affiliate marketing lists. The long-term value however is in the communities you can build around your lists.

I’ve asked and heard from many of the most successful online marketers out there and many will tell you that if they had to start all over, they would start by building an email list.

If you were to lose your website that once had 1000s of pages worth of content, you can still create a new website and email your list letting them know where you are and start from there. So an email list really is a great asset to have. It is far more powerful to have an email list than it is to have a client base (local clients) because you can reach more people at once.

Building an email list is very simple and only requires a few steps. So simple in fact that I can teach the strategy to someone who has zero technical/coding experience. There are even 79 year olds that know how to build email lists. Once you have your landing page (use leadpages), autoresponder (getresponse/aweber), a low cost or free offer with higher perceived value offering a solution to the persons needs, you just need to drive traffic to it.

There is a lot of traffic available out there. You just need to learn a few methods for generating traffic. There are free traffic sources (youtube, social media, SEO [$100 wordpress website]) but I prefer using paid traffic methods (PPC, CPV, CPM/Banner ads, email swaps, affiliate networks, and so forth).

You don’t need to know how to do everything but you do need to take the first step and do things one step at a time. Once you’ve done it once, the second time is easy.

‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great’ – Zig Ziglar

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