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YouTube Video & Mobile Advertising

Google News Free Traffic

9 Tips For Getting Free Clicks Through Google News

Black hat SEOs have been using Google news for years. If you are a local blog or directory site it is recommended that you use Google news.

How to Submit Your Site to Google News

Pinterest- Free Shipping Please: Ok Sir

Growth Hacking Direct Mail

11 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets

The Difference Between Growth Hacking And Traditional Marketing

Zero Budget Marketing: Growth Hacking, Guerrilla Marketing, and More Buzzy Marketing Tactics (FS126)

Growth Hacking Is Bull

7 Secrets to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

5 secrets of a successful direct mail marketing campaign

Creative Ad Ideas

The 80 Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas I’ve Ever Seen

Best Traffic sources for CPA offers 2016

bing, google, youtube, facebook are tier 1 and give you the best quality/volume. More strict against AFs

Test second tier traffic – cheaper and noob friendly but often requires min deposit (but you can get refunded if you decide not to use it).
good results so far on sitescout, adperium, blogads, leadbolt, bonadza

cheap targeted mobile traffic sources (2nd tier)
airpush, leadbolt, startapp, avazu, admoda, smaato

criteo, adroll, perfect audience, facebook exchange, google retargeting

spy on competitors kws and ads
spyfu, whatrunswhere, boxofads, socialadninja