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Single Step VS Multi Step Landing Page Forms

Should You Use Single-Step or Multi-Step Forms?

How Adding Steps to Your PPC Landing Pages Can Improve Conversion Rates

How Multi Step Landing PagesWill Explode Your Conversion Rates

Why You Should Use A Multi Step Landing Page




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Bid On Competitors


RankBrain’s potential effect on your paid search campaigns

The 10 greatest social media advertising tips for content marketers

Bidding on competitor keywords/brands is a well known secret used by affiliate marketers. Not long ago this strategy was allowing advertisers to bid for competitive niches for 2 cents per click.

How To Get Free Money From Google 2016

Free money from Google
Start a nonprofit/charity. Address eligibility requirements.

YouTube 360 Ads, Video Duration, Case Studies.


Is 360 video better? I think it depends on the industry. A hotel, private jet/yacht, vacation/travel company selling a vacation experience would benefit from 360 video advertising much more than a roofing company. In other words, if you are selling experiences then 360 video will likely provide a better result.

When considering 360 – also consider that quality will also often matter more than the engagement. While a nice concept, it does have its current limitations. There is much room for improvement with more engaging video ad content with VR technology. Lots of potential in this space.