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Facebook Live – Facebook Payments Messenger

If you ever plan to sell online you need to leverage Facebook live and Facebook messenger.
Make the decision to buy as easy as possible.

Automate Shopify Dropshipping – Aliexpress

Oberlo – imports aliexpress products to your shopify store

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Why You Should Care About AliExpress Dropshipping  (currently closed but there is a wait list for those interested in the monthly version)

There are pros and cons to dropshipping.
Returns/exchange rates can be high and you need a good customer support team (don’t do it yourself).
Leave enough margin to account for those returns/exchanges.
Don’t sell products on razor thin margins unless it is to build up a customer base.
Raising pricing can be ok – rather than shying or taking away, consider adding free products as upsells that don’t cost much more but increase the perceived value.
Shipping times – If you want faster shipping leverage companies like $1 fulfillment charge.
Long shipping times are sometimes ok if you mention it in advance and the product is very cheap. Give tracking numbers and assure customers they are protected. Don’t haggle/argue with unhappy customers – offer a refund, deal with the problems, learn, and move on. Sometimes those people may even end up buying more. Sometimes you realize it is your fault and you should fix it to further your business.
High profit margin items are an easier business model with less customers. Finding these niches with good volume can lead to a gold mine. However, if you are good at scaling/automation, high volume niches are a better way to go with higher revenue/income potential. Customers who bought from you once may also be interested in buying other things from you. If you were to build out complimentary stores those customers may buy from your other stores as well.
Make things easier for people to buy, save them time, and give them what they want.

From there you can look into buying in bulk and doing self-fulfillment. e.g. buy wholesale and have the supplier ship to a fulfillment company. Apps will sync to your ecommerce store that helps automate the process.

PS: selling products from Ebay to Amazon or the other way around isn’t true dropshipping. That is closer to arbitrage.

Selling just single products?


clickfunnels is a better option (more robust) but no shopify integration at this time – coming soon!

Ecommerce SEO & SEM

Did you skip SEO for your homepage? What about conversion rate optimization?

Leveraging popups to build your mailing list?

Using retargeting ads?

One does not need to sacrifice SEO for design.

Look at most of the larger ecommerce brands for inspiration.

You may find that many will add content below the fold to insert content and relevant keywords.

(keyword cloaking is bad practice and is best avoided)

How to find more website ideas?

Simple: use and type in a large ecommerce brand in your niche. From there look at the similar sites and repeat the process until you have a list of 30 or more.

Another method is to perform a google search or use’s website analyzer to view sites using similar apps/CMS/etc.

My recommendation is to model after sites that have lots of traffic, high revenues, and lots of sales + conversions.

Good design with no sales is just as bad as good CRO/SEO and bad design. Work on both.

7 Critical SEO Errors of E-commerce Websites


Ecommerce Site Vs Affiliate Store Apparel Clothing

Affiliate marketing is less hands on however it is not an asset as the company can one day decide to close its affiliate program (not likely as it benefits them with backlinks/traffic) lower the percentages, or you simply stop getting traffic because you were outranked by a competitor.

If you have a large following via social media then it can be a good idea however your conversion rates on affiliate marketing are typically lower than that of the company itself. This is because not all purchases are made within the first 30 days. Sometimes it takes longer for a sale to be made. Moreover, when people remove their cookies your affiliate sales will not be credited.

When you are starting a new store you will have greater success finding a very targeted niche audience and catering to that audience.

If you are doing affiliate marketing note that you don’t even need to own a website (although it is highly recommended to have one). You can post to social media sites such as pinterest, instagram, and tumblr to name a few. If you want to take it another step you could also order samples and create helpful video reviews, upload them to youtube with a link to your landing page. People will often buy things from people who have helped them in some way to make a decision.

Ecommerce – Easier Than Brick And Mortar


Currently doing well with:


Just make sure they have free E-packet shipping and a high positive feedback score.

Buy Wholesale:

Look for a long gold supplier status and prompt communication via skype.