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Dropshipping & SEO For Amazon & Ebay

In response to your question about how to tell what products are selling well on Ebay. Just use which is a free to use website that shows what is popular on Ebay. Tip: look for a higher ratio of sales to watchers as that tends to indicate that people are actually buying.

One of the main reasons why it is worth using Ebay if you run an ecommerce business is that you can get floods of organic traffic and sales on a regular basis. One example is building advanced PBN links to the product pages and to your various urls on Ebay. You can collect emails through Ebay to build a list.

Lots of people use Ebay as a platform for dropshipping products to customers. Their ship time requirements aren’t as strict as Amazon’s. Also, bad feedback on Amazon can get a seller account banned a lot easier than on Ebay.
If you want to know how to find US dropshippers just use Google to find them or dropship from China using Aliexpress (or if you understand chinese):

You don’t want to build black hat links to your own ecommerce site or other sites as they can get your site penalized (It is necessary for competitive niches but not worth risking if you are clueless about SEO). Its fine to add PBN link building for your Amazon/Ebay stores as those sites have a high trust flow and domain authority. PBN links are very powerful and can rank sites and youtube videos within days-weeks rather than months. Many marketers dominate competitive search terms leveraging Ebay and Amazon’s existing traffic. You might notice that a lot of search terms for various products will show amazon or ebay results on the first page of google.

Try googling “organic coconut oil”
There are marketers who simply throw up their own private labelled products where they aren’t competing for the buy box, building links to their product listing pages, and repeating the process over and over again.

Smart LED Lighting – A Growing Market With Untapped Potential


LED manufacturers turning towards profitable LED smart light market

The internet of things (IOT) is a growing trend as companies seek to be first to market with the latest innovations in smart technology
LED lighting still has lots of room for growth but is largely dominated by big players/pioneers.

programmable LED bulbs compatible with android/iphone. May include bluetooth speaker/music player.

Buy this bulb on Amazon because it’s cool ando nly $30.

Pessimism mixed with some optimism:—big-market-research-498890511.html

When too much competition enters the market, larger companies forgo margins in order to squeeze out the tiny ants.
Within a few years, most of the smaller startups/companies are gone and gross margins rebound.

Shopify – Dropshipping


If I go more into physical products check out:

Have not tried doba/worldwide brands to verify if bad claims are true. Might be worth looking at.

Google: keyword + manufacturer using search modifiers e.g. “” and so forth



Niche selection:

alibaba/aliexpress/ebay/pinterest/houzz/as seen on tv/touchofmodern/

I’d try using and also analyzing a site’s competitors for more product ideas.


Niche Validation

Facebook. Check for pages (at least 3 with 30k)

Broad interest at least 1m people. Check demographics.

Product Validation

Audience Insights (Facebook Business Account):

Links:   (watchcount)   (google shopping, PLA ads)

Use insight hero. Definately qwaya or ad espresso once you are doing higher volume.


Virtual Address

Phone Number:  for credit card statements  (set up voicemail. company. customer service. leave email in message to avoid customer service headaches). Or, mention facebook or have a toll-free number if you want to go beyond.


Shopify Payment Gateways

Obtaining An EIN   (simple 15 minute phone call. Answer a few questions about your business and get your EIN)

US Bank Account   (its a prepaid credit card used anywhere in the world) but it is going to be used as a US bank account for this purpose.  5 minute form sets up prepaid credit card. You will see details on US bank account details within the account. You can then use those details to set up billing in Shopify to receive payments to US Bank account.

Amazon Product Ranker – Amazon FBA Resources For Getting Started


Essentials: (primary) Product listing (copy+product)           (secondary) [customized packaging + inserts]         [AMZ Tracker]    [website + facebook page]

Reviews – 50 family/friends, follow up sequence, feedback genius (3 emails) (tested, proven legit, works within Azon’s own API and safe.

Amazon PPC (keywordinspector or spyfu)

Launch ( – reviews (repeat until ranking at top)

(non essentials but nice to leverage for brands) Facebook launch – ads – budget – tageting. split tests (leadpages) etc. use email list/blog/website



Resources and Links (keep in mind that the marketing strategies are ever-changing and one should look to separate themselves from the competition)


The Amazing Selling Machine

Full-Time FBA
How we make a full-time income via Amazon FBA (FREE)
Sell Online with eBay or Amazon – Tools and Tips, Instructions, Wholesale Products (FREE)
Online Seller’s News Archives (FREE)

Tanner Larsson – Build Grow Scale FBA Formula
Amazon Money Machine & Hacking Amazon Trainings

Buying Stuff and Selling it on Amazon (For 6-Figures a Year!) with Jessica and Cliff Larrew
Welcome Smart Passive Income Listeners!
Liquidation Gold – An insiders perspective to Liquidation Stores as a source of inventory with huge margins!
Amazon Boot Camp – The only Step-By-Step Amazon seller course available to get you selling in days!

Startup Bros

Chris Guthrie


Getting Started  (note that these are from the old ASM course and some of the marketing methods are now outdated)

Discover What’s Possible:
Davids Story (ASM)

Duncans Story (ASM)

Pauls Story (ASM)

Learn how selling on Amazon works. Watch These Videos:

Step 1 – The Ultimate Promotion System (ASM)

Step 2 – Finding Products & Suppliers (ASM)

Step 3 – Automation, Operations, and Scaling (ASM)

Now begin your search for products on Amazon:

  1. Go to
    Begin looking for products or Departments/Categories that interest you:Search for things that come to mind. What Are you interested in?or

    1. Click on Departments in the upper left corner (under the Amazon Logo)
    2. Click on one of the Departments/Categories
    3. Click on “Best Sellers” at the top under the Department menu.
    4. Begin looking through and evaluating products in that list.
  2. Evaluate products that interest you based on these criteria:
    1. Best-seller ranking (BSR) (top level categories only) of a TOP ranked product:
      • Preferred: Less than 100
      • Good: 100 to 300
      • Okay: 300 to 500
    2. Number of reviews of a primary product:
      • Preferred: Less than 100
      • Good: 100 to 500
      • Okay: 500 to 1000
    3. Selling Price – The OPTIMAL selling price is between $9-$40.
    4. Private Label Potential:
      • This means that we could create our own brand.
    5. Product needs to be lightweight: Preferably less than 1 pound.
  3. Email me the link to the product that you find each day
Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Checklist
Complete Step-By-Step process for getting Choosing, Sourcing, Getting Your Product Selling On Amazon and Promotion.

Product Evaluation: Finding A Good Product

Open for orders: Thursday Feb. 19th, 2015 10:00 AM PST
Azon Keyword Generator

This software extracts thousands of highly targeted and relevant keyword phrases from the Amazon search engine. Simply enter your desired seed keyword phrase and the Amazon Keyword Generator software will return thousands of super-targeted keyword phrases you can use in your Amazon marketing efforts.

Azon Top 100 Analyzer

This software extracts the top 100 products from several important sections from Amazon. The sections are: Best Sellers, Top Rated, Hot New Releases, Movers and Shakers, Most Gifted, and Most Wished For. This software requires no input .. the simply point-and-click interface makes it very easy to find profitable products in mere minutes!

Azon Product Inspector

This software extracts detailed product information from the entire Amazon website. You simply enter your search phrase, select a category and the software will extract several products from Amazon revealing the important information required to select a top performing affiliate product. You also have the ability to narrow your search using a price range, average customer rating, as well as the product discount percentage. Watch the video below to learn how to find top performing products.

How to Find the Number of Items in Each Amazon Category

Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator – Amazon Seller Central

Product Sourcing and Shipping
Source Products Overseas
Ship Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
Shipper Tips

Paypal Mass Payments
Save money paying for your product
Paypal fees are a MAXIMUM of $20 for overseas payments:
For Mass Payments to recipients within the U.S., the fee is 2% of total up to $1 per payment. For Mass Payments to recipients outside the U.S., the fee is 2% of total up to a maximum of $20.00 USD per payment, or the foreign currency equivalent of $20.00 USD.

Selling products that are in transit to FBA

AutoMCF: Automate your multi-channel fulfillment


  • reach buyers where they are shopping online
  • manage orders
  • manage inventory
  • manage shipping

Customer Followup

Feedback Genius: “Smart Customer Communication”

FeedbackFive: Feedback management tool

Ryan Moran – Call Script

Ryan Moran worked very carefully on a script for calling customers. Then he hired a mid-west stay at home mom to do it. Here is his script with side notes:
Do this 10-15 days after the product shipped.1- Hi, this is ___ from ___. I was calling to make sure you received the ___. (customer will say yes, 1st yes!)2 – Have you opened it? (customer will say yes, 2nd yes!)3 – Is it what you expected? (customer will say yes, 3rd yes!)4 – Can I send you a $5 off coupon for your next purchase? (customer will almost always say yes, 4th yes!)
Great, just tell me your email address and I’ll send that to you right away. (I didn’t write this part down exactly)5 – Would it be okay if I included a link in the email in case you wanted to review the product? (again, not exact wording here… took bad notes there)Anyway, you get the point. Lots of yeses… and most times they do leave a review, even if they never use the coupon because they feel they need to since they got a free coupon or whatever. And most times it is a 5 star review. Done!

Traffic and Promotion: Getting more customers

Ryan Moran – Zero To $1 Million On Amazon In 12 Months
Here is a video that details how to increase your reviews and sales on Amazon:

Free Facebook Ad Credits When you sign up with, you get $50 of Facebook Ad Credits.

“Amazon Product Launches, Made Painless.”
ZonBlast has the ability to blast your product with sales and review-ready consumers in a very short time frame.
Repeated blasts on a regular monthly schedule to rank multiple products quickly and efficiently

“multi-day sustained wave of sales”
artificially inflate sales over four consecutive days in such a way that it feeds the Amazon algorithm, improves BSR, and keeps conversion rate high, further feeding Amazon algorithm during your movement to the top of search rankings.


Amazon’s Top Customer Reviewers

Amazing Deals Group
No-Hassle Giveaways + No-Hassle Reviews = ADG
Product Launch with Sales & Review Automation

Have the Blog Team Promote Your Business

Find Bloggers and social media professionals to work on your promotion.

Send Products To Bloggers

Build Your Brand With Influencers

Amazon’s Review Policy
“You can give away a free product as a sample and ask for an unbiased review of that product.”
“Reviews written for any form of compensation other than a free copy of the product. This includes reviews that are a part of a paid publicity package”


Scope: Powerful Scouting and Research Tool for Amazon Merchants

AMZ Tracker – Simple, Automatic Amazon Rank Tracker

  • Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Easily Track Your Competitor’s Actual Sales Volume
  • Quickly Improve Keyword Rankings
  • In depth keyword research tool
Collects Amazon “Sales Rank” information
This data can then be analyzed by you to track sales, estimate product market share, and understand the effectiveness of your promotions, and ad campaigns.

Amazon Rank Tracker: Free Download
Amazon price tracker that provides price drop alerts and price history charts for products sold by Amazon

Auto refresh extension for Chrome:
Useful for keeping an eye on your Seller Account without having to keep hitting the “Refresh” key.

Extra:   (overpriced in my opinion but if you have money to do it then do this so you can focus on launching more products. Results are comparable with PPC)


buyer interest: – hot products for ebay – product research

like interest:  –



shopify apps – better shipping (free+shipping) , minmaxify (order limit app)

national parks depot – dropshipping

Amazon Echo