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September 7, 2014 admin

Some Tips To Help You On Your Path To Success

The Vast Majority Of People Don’t Want To Be Rich – Just Comfortable. This is fact.


Comfort is overrated. 6-figures isn’t a lot of money these days – at least not enough to be truly free. However, it is just what a lot of people set as the typical benchmark. Most jobs only pay just enough to keep an employee from quitting. Job security is a big myth. Want to make 7-8 figures? Don’t be slimy. Period. Slimy people may get make some wealth at the 5-figure a month mark but won’t go beyond that. The vast majority of people will not consciously choose to follow a slimy person with the hopes of becoming like them. Whatever you do, choose to be a person with complete integrity, be fully invested in what you do, and you will go beyond 7-8 figures.

You can read a lot about ‘law of attraction’ and it is not something made up. It is as real as a persons level of confidence or feelings of self-worth. Thoughts do become things and whatever you focus on, will manifest itself in your reality. If you keep saying to yourself “I don’t want to get fat.” Chances are you will get fat because you are focusing on an image of being fat all of the time. This is all very superficial advice on the subject of the ‘law of attraction’ but hopefully an introduction to why you are where you are in your life. Hint: your circumstances can change the minute you change the way you look at them. It won’t happen without coming across good ideas.

The top 1% of individuals in wealthy countries on average will read 60 books per year compared to everyone else that will not even read 1 book every few years. Ok, maybe the stats aren’t exact but I can verify that this is the case. It’s also not about reading any book that will just junk your mind. Carefully selected readings can enhance your life. If your goal is to work for someone else, there is less incentive to develop yourself to the fullest extent which is a real pity. It is wasted potential.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” – by Robert Kiyosaki and “As A Man Thinketh” – by James Allen, were two of the first books significant personal growth books that I read and recommend both. There are an infinite number of great books that can be purchased for as little as $1 online or from a used book store. Look at all of the people who say they want to be wealthy and ask yourself if their actions reflect what they said. Talk IS cheap. Everything becomes easy or at least easier once you develop the right mindset and things will start to change for you but only after you’ve changed yourself.

“But rich people just got lucky or cheated their way to success”

Not all people who are successful come from wealthy families. In fact, most self-made billionaires come from poverty or average income homes. They developed a mixture of desparation, hunger, and determination that people content with their lives fail to understand. If they did get lucky, it was having the opportunity to experience extreme poverty and a desire to do whatever it takes to turn things around. If you believe rich people scammed their way to success, that limiting belief will keep you where you are at. It is one of the the biggest misconceptions regarding true wealth.

If you really make 7-8 figures you need to start hanging around people making 7-8 figures.


Some recommended books 

Think and Grow Rich
– Napoleon Hill
“Three Feet from Gold” – Considered to be the Modern Version of “Think and Grow Rich”
– Sharon L. Lechter & Greg S. Reid
“Outwitting the Devil“
– Napoleon Hill
“The Compound Effect“
– Darren Hardy
“The Four Year Career“
– Richard B. Brooke
“Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional“
– Eric Worre
“Change Your Life in 7 Days“
– Paul McKenna
“5 Levels of Leadership“
– John C. Maxwell
“The Power of Now“
– Eckhart Tolle
“A New Earth“
– Eckhart Tolle
“How To Win Friends and Influence People”
-Dale Carnegie
“Living Your Best Year Ever” – Goal Setting
– Darren Hardy
“Lessons of a Lifetime” – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
– Darren Hardy & Jim Rohn
“Napoleon Hill – The Road to Riches“
– Napoleon Hill