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After having built countless funnels using other landing page and membership software, the new clickfunnels is the best out there in terms of speed of deployment. It’s simple yet effective.

Think of Leadpages, unbounce, wishpond, optimizepress, kajabi, sumome, engagifire, and other popular landing page/popup/membership softwares, combine them and you have clickfunnels.

One of the things I like about clickfunnels is the order form bump which is a small box that pops up just as someone is about to check out on the order form that promotes an additional offer that they can say yes/no to. That on top of the ability to adjust your funnel however you like makes it a must-have software for any serious marketer out there.

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How To Drive Traffic To CPA Offers

CPA marketing is a great business model for someone who doesn’t yet have a product and wants to make money promoting someone elses product.

It can be as simple as buying banner ad placements and tracking the conversions. Don’t confuse simple with easy.

Why is CPA marketing a lucrative opportunity for people who want to make an income online? If you are able to find an offer and traffic source where you have a positive return on ad spend and can scale up then that in a nutshell is all you need to do. You can do this from anywhere. Almost anyone can afford a small test budget to get started. My advice is to be o.k. with losing money while you are learning. As you get better, your ROI will go up.

Step 1. Finding an offer to promote – You can join CPA networks such as Peerfly, MaxBounty, Clickbooth (3 of the larger ones but there are many). I recommend avoiding Clickbank as their products are mostly garbage. I recommend staying away from garbage altogether. If it isn’t something you would feel proud of promoting to your family then I don’t think it is a good idea to promote it to others. Life is short after all and you don’t need to spend it doing things that don’t make you happier.

Companies pay affiliates per lead, sale, zip submit, and so forth. It is generally easier to promote CPA offers that payout per email/zip for beginners however the profit potential is much greater when promoting CPA offers that payout each time a sale is made. Payouts can be higher than $150+ in some cases per lead. How do these companies afford to payout that much on a product that only costs  say $80 and also when they are offering a free trial (just pay shipping?) The answer is simple. They know their average lifetime customer value and know that each customer will buy a certain amount (on average). This is why cell phone companies will spend thousands of dollars to acquire new customers and lure them in with promotional offers. It’s why big companies continue to grow while smaller companies that lack that kind of capital would get crushed by their competitors – it’s a different ball game.

More on the offer bit… You want to do some research on the offer, the ad copy, check for congruency and consistency of the content on the sales page with the actual product. (Yes I recommend being a customer of what you are promoting). Use and to check the landing page URL and spy on the competition to see how it is being promoted. You can also use You can do some pretty advanced targeting using these ‘tools’ but they aren’t completely necessary. 99% of online marketers are pretty lazy (after all, the reason they are into online marketing is to have the freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want). That in mind, it is simple for YOU armed with the right knowledge of how your competitors are promoting something, to build an improved sales funnel that does not have all of the holes you find with funnels built by lazy amateurs.

I believe in creating products such as supplements to promote however I would only promote supplements that actually work. Something I haven’t seen or at least only a small handful of CPA marketers do is make a case study showing their performance and results using a product. That kind of documentation is extremely powerful because you can really stand behind a product and have the authority or moral/mental fortitude to say ‘follow me’ without feeling like a scammer. Most marketers out there are scammers and it is pretty disgusting to see them taking advantage of people this way. It is generally a good idea to promote products that are well known that already have the trust/credibility of a lot of people. You want to look into their reviews online and get a feel for what their production/manufacturing process is like + their product testing/research/R&D.

If you are promoting email lead/zip offers you want to check and see if it is something that you feel is something that makes the user better off than they were before. Always try to provide value in some way shape or form. I know 100% that the reason most people fail to make money online is because nowhere in their funnel are they adding any value. They are simply promoting something to get something. You must understand the principles of reciprocity as well as how to discover pain/pleasure signals to craft compelling funnels. Giving value in advance pre-frames people to feeling; “If the free stuff is this good, the paid stuff must be much better.” It is the same thought process for those of you who build websites for clients where you want to show clients what their website will look like and giving them an idea. Get them excited about the end result. Make sure you target the right traffic for the right offer. If the headlines are saying one thing but you targeted traffic that is interested in something else common sense says your conversions rates/CTR will suffer.

Step 2. (these don’t really have to be in this order) You want to check the demand in the marketplace. This is easy when using clickbank because of something called the gravity score but I don’t recommend clickbank. Most of their stuff is crap and you can find the same information online for free. From my experience their marketplace is flooded with ‘noobies’ who create programs just for the sake of making a quick buck. You will get higher refund rates on there which means you make less. If you want a quick way to offer something to make some money you can do it but I personally think there are more ethical ways to do things. Hard work + smart work beats lazy work.

You can use free tools like Google trends to check the interest on any topic for any location. You can also use Facebook audience insights to craft your target audience and upload that data to a spreadsheet. All steps are linked together which you will understand once you’ve found your offer to promote, made a landing page, set up the autoresponder sequence, and have traffic sources on point. You could direct link offers that already have a strong landing page conversion rate but you miss out on the repeat sale as you don’t capture their email. You can look at email marketing in a bad way or in a good way (it’s totally up to you). Like anything, there is more than 1 way to look at something. For example one person might think making more money means you will do more bad things. On the flipside another person might say that hey, I want to make money and be in a state of abundance so that I can spread the wealth. Keep in mind that no amount of unhappiness, sickness, or poverty can bring happiness, health, or wealth to others around you. A sinking ship cannot help a sinking ship. It is better to be in a state where you can give money to people in need (donate x-ray machines to hospitals for example) than to be broke and being in bills. Are rich people really crooks? No. Only some.

Step 3. Build a landing page. I recommend outsourcing this to someone on (upwork)/ When you get more advanced you can hire full-time workers from overseas. is one source and there are many sources you already use but haven’t thought of using them the way that I do for hiring. If I give a new person too many steps to follow they get confused and don’t take action. So in order to help you get started quickly I’m dumbing things down to the core.

The landing page should be congruent with the sales page that you will be sending traffic to. The purpose of the landing page is to pre-frame your traffic, hilight their pain points, provide a clear solution, be concise, and capture their information. Name + email is suffice. The fewer the forms the better. You want their name as it integrates with the email autoresponder for a more personalized feel when sending emails: ‘dear <NAME>,

There are many components to crafting an effective landing page. I recommend purchasing a few books or (if you are on a budget) reading some free articles online on how to create landing pages that convert. Don’t focus too much on the button colors as that has a very minimal impact. Many marketers have the whole idea of A/B split testing all garbled up. You don’t want to split test button colors. Rather, you should be split testing different designs/messages/images/calls to action/lead magnets/videos+. You also want to test different times of the day. Split testing can mean saving 80-90% ad spend or more which could have otherwise been spent on sending traffic to landing pages that convert. The reason most people think Adwords PPC doesn’t work is because they send all of their traffic to a generic homepage, don’t target properly, put 1000s of keywords into 1 ad group instead of creating 100s of ad groups with 0-5 keywords per, having poor CTR due to low bids, overbidding, not testing mobile/desktop traffic, not adding negative keywords and the list goes on. Being PPC/Bing certified doesn’t mean anything so don’t trust anyone solely on that fact. Unless they know how to create scalable campaigns where you are consistently increasing the budget you shouldn’t even bother. Always track conversions so that you know what works and what doesn’t work. Not doing so is like flushing money down the toilet. You may get some results but you won’t be able to scale. Know your numbers – period. It’s so simple.. Keep the basics in mind.

Make sure your landing page message is congruent with your ad copy PPC/Banner, organic search, articles, and with the landing page. You want the message to be consistent throughout. Think of it like dating. You don’t want to go straight from getting someone’s name to asking them to marry you. It may work in Vegas and short-term in online marketing but when it comes to long-term results, building out funnels the right way is far more profitable, scalable, and allows you to leverage past results which means every subsequent campaign that you launch in a similar vertical will cost less to deploy and yield faster results.

The sales page is one that you generally cannot control but you definitely want to contact the webmaster and have them add your conversion tracking pixels.

Setting up your email autoresponder sequence is often complicated but it is rather simple. I recommend using Get Response or Aweber. Avoid the free garbage like Mail Chimp. We are building a real business and have the end result in mind. We know that what we are doing will work so we are willing to invest in the right tools for the job. If you go into something with doubts, those doubts will always hold you back. Sometimes being dumb enough to believe something will work will be far more effective as it will move you along quicker. Fear of failure is the #1 reason why most people fail to succeed. Just accept that you will fail.

You want your first email to introduce the person to your list. It is the indoctrination. You say hello and let them know what to expect. The second email may be the first video of your 3 part video series. You are adding value and building trust/credibility. It positions you as the expert and gives them the chance to determine whether or not they like you or not. The reason why most marketers don’t do this is because they truthfully don’t care about other people. That is why so many marketers fail. If you genuinely don’t care about others it will show in your results. We get by giving.

Ex of the email sequence may be your video series 1 day apart or you can send them all at a much faster rate. I use different strategies for different promotion methods. If you are promoting a cheap product then you don’t really need a strong sales funnel. However, if what you are promoting is a high ticket item worth $500-$10,000 or even more, you want to craft the best presentation possible. In a nutshell I like to provide more value in the free content than what the customer is paying for the paid stuff. This skyrockets conversions and also helps generate a lot of referral sales.

Step 4-5?? What step are we on??? Anyways, This step is about traffic. You need to find a reliable source of traffic for your product. Reverting back to or or (or through tools like spyfu, keywordspy, semrush, google keyword planner etc) you want to find what is ALREADY working and reverse engineer that process. You will be able to see the creatives that convert well and not waste money on the ones that didn’t convert as well. I don’t care how big your budget is, buying traffic that will not lead you closer to your goal is plain STUPID. I list plenty of traffic sources on my blog/website. I don’t go into detail on each but a good rule of thumb is to follow what someone else already tested. If they are using buysellads to promote offers via banner ad traffic you might want to do the same or even do some direct linking on high traffic blog sites by reaching out to their webmaster. Just say yo I’ll pay you such and such to put my ad on your site for X amount and pay via paypal. Show them the banner (make one using fiverr) and show them the sales page. If they aren’t web savvy or don’t know how to monetize their site you can make it easy for them and pay them. I recommend hiring someone to put these sites into a spreadsheet and contacting each site 1 by 1. Know how CANSPAM works so you are compliant with their policies. CANSPAM doesn’t mean you are restricted from sending emails. One thing I recommend is getting double opt-in emails. You will get less double opt-ins but the people who do double-opt in will convert better anyways. This will reduce the monthly upkeep cost for your autoresponder which is based on your list size once you reach a certain point.

Facebook/Bing and native advertising platforms like outbrain, taboola, and so forth work well for cheap traffic. There is also sitescout, traffic vance, and plenty of other great sources. Bing allows direct linking to CPA offers but Google is very strict. You can get your accounts banned if you don’t know what you are doing. I recommend finding a mentor to teach you these things that can guide you personally so you avoid making the same mistakes that a lot of beginners make.

When I got started in online marketing I had millions of questions myself. The best thing to do is immerse yourself into whatever you do. Put yourself into the world of whatever you are doing. You need to see the scams, good, bad, and the ugly in order to get a well-rounded idea of how you want to approach things. Do things ethically and you will put yourself at the top 1% of all CPA marketers.


You can see how this fool below makes money online. A lot of people who maybe didn’t even go through highschool make 6-figures a month because they fall for scams but eventually find their way. You don’t need a degree to be successful. You just need to know what end result you want, break it down into steps, and work backwards one step at a time.

By the way, if you have questions please do not email me. What you can do instead is join a facebook mastermind group for dog grooming, carpentry, or whatever the heck you are into, pose a question, and more often than not you will get some answers. Or better yet just type your question into Google.

The Cost Of Not Advertising

I’d like to address the number one question I get when meeting with the majority of small business owners and startups. That question is “how the heck do I get more customers?” Believe it or not, your customers are your best source of advertising (word of mouth referrals).

Here are some of the issues facing most small businesses.

Not enough cashflow to spend on advertising.

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” – Henry Ford

Need I say more? If you aren’t getting a result it isn’t because you are advertising but because your advertising sucks. Sorry to be blunt but it’s true. How do you solve this? Hire someone to do your marketing. This frees you up to do what you do best.

Forget the saying “work on your weaknesses and become well rounded.” Too many people spread themselves too thin and wear too many hats. Focus on what you do best, delegate the rest.

Spending time on unproductive  activities

People say they don’t have time to make a post. Perhaps that is true. I personally spend no more than 20 minutes per 1000-2000 word post.

As a business owner you will benefit most by spending the majority of your time on income producing activities. Simply understand the difference between A and B activities. Briefly, A activities are those that produce income whereas B activities are the small things. Some A activities don’t show any ROI until months later. One key to success in business is having a strong belief that what you are doing will eventually work. It can also be the downfall…

B activities are necessary but not what you as the business owner should spend the majority of your time on. Successful business owners find ways to delegate the tasks that can be done by someone else to focus on the $500/hr activities where the real money is. Your success is crucial not only for your own sanity but also for the sake of the people who count on you for their income and customers that want your product or service.

SEO is getting more difficult for small businesses

SEO is more than inputting keywords. SEO experts must be dedicated wholly to keeping up to date on the latest information and constantly learning what works and what doesn’t. Dedication, commitment, and discipline are key qualities of the successful online marketer.

How does this relate to small business ownership? Most business owners simply don’t have the luxury to divide their time between learning SEO and running their business. The shocking truth is that most entrepreneurs are slaves to their business, making less than they would as an employee, and only a few weeks away from financial disaster. It is no wonder that it is a road less travelled.

The catch-22 is when business owners must decide whether they will sacrifice short term financial pain for long-term gain. It is no secret that large companies spend $10,000 per month or more on SEO marketing. They also have a greater ability to take advantage of the increased customer demand than a small business.

So should a small business scrap SEO and online marketing altogether? No. No. No. But it is highly advisable to learn the basics or find someone willing to do it in exchange for your services. Just be careful of someone that doesn’t know what they are doing because it can permanently damage your online presence.

Chip Wilson Lululemon Pants Comments Spark Social Outrage (TWEETS)

It’s true that there are no shortcuts to success and anything worth doing is worth doing well. One of the best pieces of advice that I ever received was that “you don’t know what you don’t know.” The more I learn the more I realize how little I know.

Here is why SEO is not for Small Business Owners

10 Reasons SEO Is Harder for Small Businesses

Don’t pay for cheap SEO because it doesn’t work. Think of Google as one giant popularity contest. The majority of online searchers only click on the first 1-3 links of a search. Less than 80% of people ever go past the second or third page of Google. So cheap SEO will NOT get you on the first page of Google and Google has been cracking down on people trying to ‘game’ the system by blacklisting websites altogether. It is possible but difficult to remove a penalty from Google. The last thing you as a business owner wants to do is go out of business because you lost your website.

Confessions Of A $100/Month SEO Client: Part II


Tired of hiring unqualified people that leave a bad taste in your mouth? Let’s be honest. If you don’t understand SEO it is very easy to hire the wrong people. Talk is easy and anyone can blurt out “I will do this and that.”

The best way to deal with this issue is to learn how to do it on your own. Google and Youtube have all the information that you will ever need. Network with people who are experienced in these areas and glean what information you can. Or, get in touch with me if you want to know how I got started.

The bottom line to all of this is. Business becomes easy once you learn to think like a successful business owner does. Business rise and fall with leadership. Apple without Steve Jobs as one example – a haunted empire. One of the most difficult but necessary elements to getting to the next level is getting rid of ones ego, admitting that they need help, and listening to the ‘right’ people that have had massive success. Listen to those that are the best in their field.

Personal development coaching is a lucrative business for a reason. People will pay a huge sum of money to learn what they need to change in order to profit.

The $99.75 dollar question

Key take-away

Hitting a pipe with a hammer (one time): $0.25
Knowing which pipe to hit: $99.75

If you can master only two thins for fast results it should be Pay Per Click/ Adwords and optimizing your website for conversions.

Big brand discount PPC makes it difficult for small businesses to compete. Bing offers the most cost effective PPC advertising platform (less saturated than Google).

What Defines Success?

Something that a lot of people don’t understand is how to define what success is or is not.  I don’t believe is there is any 1 correct answer. Ask an audience of 100 people and you can end up with 1,000 different variations. You don’t have to agree with these points. I might not even agree with them a year from now.


Here are some common blurbs:

  • Financial independence/freedom
  • Happiness as broadly defined
  • Getting what you want and wanting what you get (or something like that…)
  • Having lots of friends that look up to you
  • Being fulfilled emotionally and physically
  • Owning a home, car, and having a steady job
  • Being a well known public figure and ‘successful’ busines owner
  • Being able to donate a lot of money to charity
  • Serving a worthy cause
  • Having all of your needs met…

These are all valid points to those that make them… If, they serve the persons true motivation or ‘why’.

It is a bit cliche but true that people naturally seek pleasure and avoid pain. Hopefully no sadists are reading this. Simply put this means that people are by nature going to seek out what makes them feel good, or happy. You could argue that those who listen to sad music do so because that is what makes them happy. A bit strange but nobody is perfect.

What Is Success?

I challenge you to figure that out for yourself. Create your own definition of success. That definition will gradually change over time. You will at one point be convinced that you’ve arrived at the right conclusion only to find with a new idea that it is something more. Keep digging.

I’ve gleaned what I could from biographies of famous people on their keys to success and many of the same points continually popped up. Learning these philosophies will shorten the learning process.

One personality trait that most often measures success

Some problems with financial motivations

Pursuing ones passion in life should not be primarily linked to some financial motive. Yes, having wealth can be important. Most fights between spouses and couples are financially related. Sometimes you just need enough money to take care of yourself in order to take care of others around you.

Money is just a means to an end – either good or bad

Money was never the root of all evil. Bad people will always do bad things and good people with more money will be able to do more good things.

Financial abundance and the law of attraction

When it comes to unleashing financial abundance it really comes down to choosing one extreme over the other. One cannot say that they only want some money and not too much. It has never worked out that way at least not on a subconscious level which is by the way infinitely more powerful than the conscious level – and less understood. Napoleon Hill said it best when he wrote, “Whatever the mind can sincerely conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Don’t suppress self-doubt. Rather, address it for what what it really is – a culmination of clever lies.

Don’t let any negatives play in your mind. Let even the smallest amount of doubt creep in and it will soon begin to spread. What’s that midlife crisis? Perhaps it is self-doubt telling you that you are ‘too old’, that your idea sucks, that you aren’t an entrepreneur because nobody else in your family was…. All these make-believe excuses fed to you by society. It’s just doubt that leads to depression. This is why it is important to surround yourself with people who see greatness within you, that believe in you, support you, and are in a better place than you (so that you slowly come up to their level) – See the law of association.

Address all of your limiting beliefs

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is important because you are most likely the sum average of the 5 closest people you associate with. Most of the time you won’t even know what you don’t know. Just a year ago from today I used to believe that where I was in my life was the result of my upbringing, my parents, my genetics, and environment. Little did I know that it wasn’t those things but my attitude towards those things. My philosophies towards life were guiding my thoughts which in turn were guiding my actions which in turn were producing those results. When I stopped creating excuses and arguing for my problems I released myself from them. I gave myself back control over my own life.

Thoughts become things – a profound idea that I came across in James Allen’s book “As A Man Thinketh.”

Think about it… Why is it that people from the same environment (tend) to have the same results? It is because they develop similar philosophies…. I don’t say that to falsify what was said about owning your own destiny but to point out that something as simple as coming across a few profound ideas and reading a few good books can start the path towards a better future.

A cigarette a day won’t kill you but the compounded effect of thousands of cigarettes will. Also, one cannot eat 30 apples in one day hoping to get their months worth of fruits…. Anything worth doing is worth being consistent in and it takes no more than 21 days to form a new habit. 

The old question of finding your “why”

Finding your why is simply finding what drives you. What are you willing to fight for or even die for? It isn’t ‘money’ but the things that you want to do with the money. What motivates, gets you excited and out of bed early each morning? Mondays don’t suck it’s just your job? Most employees are unhappy in life and they don’t even know how to overcome their state of affairs. To be fair, most entrepreneurs are also unhappy (initially) because they need to overcome buttloads of rejection while developing a thick skin – if they ever reach that point.

This “why” talk has been beaten to death over the past few years… But just in case you need to hear it again.

There will be haters

This is why the journey to the top can be lonely. It is a road less travelled. Most people would rather take the easy way out and buy into their excuses. But if you argue for your problems you get to keep them.

I think haters are just people that gave up on pursuing their own dreams and now spend their time stopping others from achieving theirs. Sometimes.. Actually often, they are the ones closest to you. They can’t see it – you being ‘a success’. Do they do it to hurt you? Not necessarily. It is merely a reflection of where they are at in their own life. They could just be doing it because they don’t want you to go through the ‘pain’ of rejection and failure.

Don’t burn your bridges

Walking away from the wrong crowd doesn’t mean voicing your opinion and making yourself appear better than they are. Everybody goes through different stages. Some people won’t be open to making a change. You can’t change someones mind but you can help them make their own decisions. Let people find their own way. If however your friends turn out to be ‘acquaintances’ who were never really your friends then nothing is lost.

Your level of success is correlated with your failure rate

I wouldn’t bet any money on there being scientific data on this but I’m convinced that the more you fail, the more you can overcome. Those who can handle almost any level of rejection (which starts with the right philosophies – seeing things for what they really are), can overcome almost anything. These are the people that achieve massive success. It is simply impossible to stop a man or a woman that won’t quit.

Spend more time improving your strengths, not your weaknesses

One of the many issues faced by entrepreneurs is the desire to be good at everything and wear many hats. But sometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate our bank statements. Is it working? If not, perhaps it is time to delegate what we aren’t good at and focus only on what we are good at. What made Napoleon Bonaparte a great leader was his ability to delegate and invest authority/trust in other leaders below him.

Just think American Idol… Sure you can accomplish amazing things but you need to fully believe in it. We are all guilty of judging people by their appearances. And I’m sure we’ve also experienced that ‘wtf’ moment where that person blew you away with something you weren’t expecting.

Want to know the secret to making $500 an hour? Simply do the tasks that make you $500 an hour and delegate the $10 an hour tasks to someone else. Too many business owners spread themselves thinly trying to do the $10 an hour, $12 an hour, and $15 an hour tasks mixed in with the real money makers.

Apply the Pareto Principle to your life

“The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.”

Do at any point in time that which is the most efficient use of your time. Sure it is hard, but only for 21 days. After that it becomes natural. Learning a new sport may developing a new set of motor skills. Over time however the golf swing, backstroke,  or jumpshot will begin to feel natural with repetition. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. But there is no such thing as perfect so forget about it.

Hone commitment & time management skills. Want to live longer? Simply practice time management. You will get more done in less time. Successful people are usually productive people who know that one thing money can’t buy is more time.


3 of the best?

These were mentioned but if you were looking for the 3 most important elements (from what has worked for me) here they are below… At some point in time you need to take action and apply what you learn. Recommended book list.

1– One of the keys to unleashing your true potential and becoming an “unstoppable entrepreneur” (if that is what you desire to become) is to reprogram your mind. Take everything you’ve ever learned about success from unsuccessful people and throw it out the window. Why? Because if you buy the opinions of unsuccessful people you begin to think like them and will start getting the same results as them.

Successful people simply think differently than the masses. Two people can look at the exact same situation and have a completely different view of it.

The unsuccessful person (who is filled with limiting beliefs) will say well, I don’t know anyone so I won’t be able to do it. They stop themselves right there without even giving themselves a chance. Did you know that the biggest bully is your own mind? Your own mind can and will trick you if you let it. Like a garden, the longer you let it grow wild the more difficult it becomes to clean up. The longer you let the mind go unchecked the longer it will take to reprogram.

The successful person (or the person on a path towards success – practicing the habits of successful people) will say I don’t know anyone that’s why I HAVE to meet people. They make the excuses of unsuccessful people the reasons why they need to succeed. They take calculated risks, overcome obstacles, earn the best form of knowledge (through experience) and put themselves in a better position to achieve great things. Increasing the odds of success (whatever your definition of success may be) increases each time you go out and meet people, learn to think in a better way, learn a new skill and so forth.

2– A second key element is to get around successful people (people that you would like to aspire to become greater than). If you can find someone great and see what they do you will know exactly what it takes to do 10% more than what they do. This 10% extra needs to follow the Pareto Principle as well. Not a single person on this earth has come anywhere near their full potential. If you can’t find someone to mentor you know that you can be mentored by books and audios. Don’t worry about spending less time with your current friends if they aren’t on the same page as you. If they were ever your friends to begin with they will still be around. By then they might even be open to undergoing the same transformation that you underwent. Just remember that you can’t change people. You can however help them make a decision to change themselves. Helping a caterpillar out of its cocoon will actuall kill it. Pain is necessary.

3– Third? The secret to success is that there is no secret. The definition of secret is “not known or seen or not meant to be seen by others.”

Histories most successful people spent most of their lives sharing all of this information. There will always be a group of people (cough.. the government) that doesn’t want this information getting out to the masses but regardless this information is all readily available – always has been. It just takes gradual shifts in thinking to begin to see the many opportunities around us all day. Think coctail phenomenon.

My secret to success for anyone reading this is Google, YouTube, a burning desire to be extremely wealthy – fueled by my passion for helping others that are in a bad situation yet don’t make excuses, reading the right books, and meeting the right people.

The more people you meet the greater your chances of success. This is why it is often said that your network is your net ‘worth’.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but you also shouldn’t try to tackle all of these things at once. A person can completely change and it only takes a 12 month period to do so. I’ve gone through military basic training and have seen the army turn even the most out of shape potato spuds into a force to be reckoned with in less than 3 months.

Anyone can do it. Sometimes certain people that you meet will develop a certain limiting philosophy or attitude that reduces their chances of for example, giving up the habit of making excuses for everything wrong, which makes any form of change very difficult. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just move on.

Ben Franklin used to say “a person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still.”


One of the most profound moments in my life when tackling this question was when I came across someone who had worked at the same job for over 30 years. I asked him how he could be so happy working for minimum wage.

He said he had a wife and two children that adore him. He takes them out on the weekends and they get to spend a lot of quality time together. He was also going to be retiring soon with his pension. He even mentioned that his job wasn’t all that bad. Just sit around most of the time.

Now most people wouldn’t want his income. Minimum wage is nowhere anywhere near average. If anything it was well below the national average. However, he was happy – he had it made.

He was a success. Never bash on people who have it made. There are even ‘successful’ entrepreneurs who are depressed and suicidal who hate on those that might appear to have settled for less but are at least happy. Don’t become that person. Everyone has their own definition of what real success is. To me, financial success is just a facade. If the things that you get to do with having more money, or, ‘financial success’ doesn’t or won’t make you more happy, then maybe (just maybe) it isn’t worth pursuing.

Set goals. Clearly defined goals that are also achievable… Brian Tracy is one of the many coaches in this area. Find a mentor be it a book, audio, someone local, (recommend a combination of all). Invest in yourself. Buy into yourself. Don’t sell yourself short. The first person we must lead by example and also sell to is ourselves.


The law of attraction is real.

You attract or become what you think about most of the time. The law of attraction doesn’t work when thinking in negative terms. For example, if you have a goal to get into shape, don’t tell yourself I don’t want to carry extra fat. Instead, visualize how you want to be, healthier, etc. The problem with thinking in negative terms is even though you are focusing on not wanting to have extra fat, you are still visualizing an image of yourself with extra fat. The mind doesn’t know the difference.

This could be why people who say they don’t want to date assholes usually end up attracting assholes into their lives. Always take a closer look at the way you think about things as it can show you glimpses into your future.

Thoughts become things.


Recommended Books

Top Marketing books

Crossing the Chasm – Geoffrey A. Moore

The Life of PT Barnum – Written by himself

Selling the Invisible – Harry Beckwith

Influence – Robert B. Cialdini, PH.D.

Positioning – Al Ries and Jack Trout

Buy-ology – Martin Lindstrom

Permission Marketing – Seth Godin

Guerilla Marketing – Jay Conrad Levinson

The Long Tail – Chris Anderson

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds – Charles Mackay, LLD

Breakthrough Advertising – Eugene Schwartz

Marketing Warfare – Al Ries & Jack Trout

WE CAN DO THAT? – Peter Shankma

Marketing 3.0 – Philip Kotler

Integrated Marketing Communications – Schultz, Tannenbaum & Lauterborn

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing – Al Ries and Jack Trout

Top Books for Entrepreneurs

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey

How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

As a Man Thinketh – James Allen

Taking People With You – David Novak

The Art of The Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide For Anyone Starting Anything – Guy Kawasaki

The Greatest Salesman in the World – OG Mandino

Today Matters – John C. Maxwell

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Richard Carlson

Drive – Daniel H. Pink

The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Dale Carnegie

The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

The Art of War – Sun Tsu

The Book of Five Rings – Antony Cummins

Life Without Limits – Nick Vujicic

Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins

How to Lie With Statistics – Darrell Huff

The No Asshole Rule – Robert I. Sutton

The 4-Hour Workweek – Timothy Ferriss

The Peter Principle – Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull

Crazy Bosses – Stanley Bing

21 Dirty Tricks at Work – Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey

Don’t Bring It to Work – Sylvia Lafair

Poorly Made in China – Paul Midler

The Complete Yes Minister – Jonathan Lynn & Antony Jay

The Dilbert Principle – Scott Adams


Other Recommended Reads

“Three Feet from Gold” – Considered to be the Modern Version of “Think and Grow Rich”
– Sharon L. Lechter & Greg S. Reid

“Outwitting the Devil“
– Napoleon Hill

“The Compound Effect“
– Darren Hardy

“The Four Year Career“
– Richard B. Brooke

“Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional“
– Eric Worre

“Change Your Life in 7 Days“
– Paul McKenna
This book comes with a great hypnotic mediation CD & DVD

“5 Levels of Leadership“
– John C. Maxwell

“The Power of Now“
– Eckhart Tolle

“A New Earth“
– Eckhart Tolle

 ”Atlas Shrugged”
– Ayn Rand

Personal Development Audio

“Living Your Best Year Ever” – Goal Setting
– Darren Hardy

“Lessons of a Lifetime” – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
– Darren Hardy & Jim Rohn

“Napoleon Hill – The Road to Riches“
– Napoleon Hill

Anything by Tom Hopkins, Paul J Meyer, Jim Rohn

Ebooks (2015)

What Defines Success

Some Tips To Help You On Your Path To Success

Facebook Marketplace

Average Position Effect On Conversion Rate

Pos 1 gets a lot of wasted/accidental clicks and not all are refunded by Google.
Pos 2-4 are more relevant as people have scrolled down.
Positions 5+ have poor conversion rates and often high CPA’s.

Selling Cars – Costco, Walmart… etc


Dianomi vs taboola vs outbrain

What’s this?

Freak this ad network is pretty cool

Post seen on FB.
Goes to – native ads shown under article that are relevant to the article talking about bitcoin
Promote a bitcoin/crypto/financial offer.