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VR/AR – ecommerce in 3D. Browse large catalogs, position furniture in your home, and more.

YouTube Moderator Hack

-Scrape a good amount of active Youtuber users (you need the channel URLs)
– Get a shortened link for your the URL you want to promote”
– Create a new Brand account / Channel called “Win a free Iphone 8 here:” (make sure you got the link in there!)
– Add all of the scraped users as channel moderator. Either manually ( or using automation software, iMacro might work.

All users that you add as a moderator will receive an email like the one below. The beauty is, that Google makes the URL from your channel name clickable.

[Image: 9KaHXZR.jpg]

Google Advanced Search Operators

Ray Dalio

Legendary investor.
Long stocks, short bonds, and long emerging-market currencies versus the dollar and the euro, according to the documents.