August 2018 ⋆ Moses Yoon

LED Canada (Old project before company was bought out)

Wireframe, mock up, 1000s of products uploaded (4 weeks). PHP>Dev designed for fast load times between 1-2 seconds.
Additional menu, layout and design work for the homepage and inner pages would be another 2-4 weeks ongoing but we didn’t get around to it.
Store just month away from its journey to 7-figures in revenues and scaling with strong front-end offers

(LED tactical flashlight campaign ready to be implemented already doing high 5-figs a month).

And then…The company was acquired by another company.

The current site made by the new ownership’s developer takes 30 seconds to load for whatever reason and should be fixed if they hope of making sales from it.

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Modular Building Factory Tour VR China

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Q4 boom 2017. Coming up to another 2018. (Pre oct 17)