February 2018 ⋆ Moses Yoon

Problems with Artificial Intelligence

AI are not a safe bet for the future.

Unlike human beings, AI robots do not have free will.

Thousands of robots (AI) can be hacked and controlled by a single individual.

Human beings have been brainwashed and manipulated in the past to die for unjust causes.¬† Everyone knows how dangerous this can be… An army of AI whether robots, drones, vehicles, or other can be hacked and controlled in the same way with much less effort. The person controlling them can monitor all units at once from a screen and do with them as they please.

Even if an AI understands that harmony is a better alternative to war, they are still susceptible to being controlled (hacked) and reprogrammed by human beings.

People may praise entrepreneurs such as Bezos or Musk for advancing AI research however future generations will pay for these mistakes. All of their advancements sound nice but they assume that not a single corrupt individual will attempt to sabotage and use AI for their own selfish and criminal interests. It’s wishful thinking…

Why spend billions of dollars on something that is destined to fail? Why go to Mars? We should be more focused on improving what we already have for everyone – not just for the lucky few.