January 2018 ⋆ Moses Yoon

Needs Vs Wants

Needs vs wants. Certain products will still convert many years after they are released because people need them and they eventually need to be replaced.

“Wants” – these can be saturated but also revived.
“Needs” – Even if people don’t want to spend the money, they have to.

Even people who bought them in the past may want to buy another one a year or so later. If you had a product that sold well many years ago that is a “want” rather than a “need” then try selling it again. (phone charger cables, tools, replacement parts, etc).

I randomly tested an old product that was sold on many affiliate networks as well as sites like gearbest that I myself bought and used and it’s still converting very well on Facebook even when they have already been out for many years.

If you want, you can even develop newer versions of existing products that have an ongoing ‘need’ in the marketplace. Over time these products tend to have lower production costs because the manufacturers already have access to a lot of the parts and workforce to make it. Make the marketing/promotion materials and landing pages and negotiate a percentage of sales with the manufacturer. If you want to go an easier route just take the product to Showcase or As Seen On TV and pitch it to them. Use that money to repeat this process until you find some big winners. Then you can sell those on TV yourself.





VR/AR – ecommerce in 3D. Browse large catalogs, position furniture in your home, and more.

YouTube Moderator Hack

-Scrape a good amount of active Youtuber users (you need the channel URLs)
– Get a t.co shortened link for your the URL you want to promote”
– Create a new Brand account / Channel called “Win a free Iphone 8 here: t.co/abc” (make sure you got the link in there!)
– Add all of the scraped users as channel moderator. Either manually (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7023301?hl=en) or using automation software, iMacro might work.

All users that you add as a moderator will receive an email like the one below. The beauty is, that Google makes the URL from your channel name clickable.

[Image: 9KaHXZR.jpg]

Google Advanced Search Operators




Ray Dalio

Legendary investor.
Long stocks, short bonds, and long emerging-market currencies versus the dollar and the euro, according to the documents.