August 2017 ⋆ Moses Yoon

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Amazon Prime Wine Shipping: Within 1 Hour?
Being able to order wine like this is going to hurt government liquor stores big-time since a lot of wine drinkers are loyal to a certain brand.

What does this mean for dropshippers? Well… Nothing new.
Aliexpress arbitrage/dropshippers are unfortunately stuck with the worst kinds of customers.
– people who know you are dropshipping and how to manipulate/blackmail
– fraud/scammers
– people who expected fast shipping but are pissed because its taking 21-60 days
– people who constantly email/call asking where their product is and post bad reviews
– people who don’t order online much or aren’t tech savvy so they give you the wrong shipping address and unclear information to your customer support.
– refunds, chargebacks, sending the same thing twice, complaints…
Many new to dropshipping realize this after a year or so goes by and decide to go to SaaS, lead gen, or private labeling their own products. If you private label and get other affiliates to promote your product then you are much smarter than most store owners that think short-term or who got into dropshipping just to replace their job income.
Everything worth doing is worth doing well. Dropshipping is to me just another form of affiliate marketing. If you don’t control your own supply or quality then you don’t have a solid foundation for growth.

Amazon is a big competitor to many dropshippers and is in a league of its own. Most dropshippers are buying traffic not realizing that people are going off and finding the same products on Amazon and ordering from there instead… Why? Because they know what it’s like to order something and have it arrive weeks later vs the next day. More people are preferring to pay for the convenience of having it ‘now’ rather than ‘later,’

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