July 2017 ⋆ Moses Yoon

Willing To Part With Your Money?

The term ‘marketing guru’ is an insult in the online marketing community.

5 Things People Will Pay The Most Money For



People will generally pay for more — more security, admiration, time, money, escape, pleasure, and passion.

youtube vimeo video seo

embed sources (secret)

Instagram p9

Now that Instagress, Archie, and Mass Planner are shut down people are selling accounts en masse.
But if you want to keep growing your insta accounts you can use Follow Adder

Internet Marketers – Biz Op Traffic –

Email/solo ad traffic:
Quality – not the greatest but it is cheap. People who have opted into internet marketing lists in the past receive these emails.



Don’t know this person or endorse him but I’d rather share someone else’s info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-NN6vHl9NM

On Demand Products & Fulfillment: Supplements

Disclaimer: Abide by FTC and health board regulations. Don’t use placebo suppliers with no active ingredients. ‘ethical’ ‘legal’


google: contract manufacturers, etc
https://nutrigains.com/drop-ship/ – 2/5



Untapped sales platform endorsed by Gary Halbert (http://www.thegaryhalbertletter.com/)
Was the greatest copywriter, marketer, and salesman in the world.

650% higher conversion rate/sales vs conventional methods
10 reasons why Gary recommends the health supplement business
1. virtual
2. mass appeal and need. 122 billion year industry in 2015. 278 billion in a few more years.
3. Profitable – healthy consumer base regularly buying health supplements
$5 bottle can sell for $59.99 subscription model ok.
4. lifestyle business – can take 6-8 hours a week to run a 100,000 to 300,000 month business.
5. Fully Automated – automate whatever you want – hire/outsource.
6. Don’t need to create products – just slap your own label on existing products.
7. cheap to get started – don’t need to pay upfront – pay only after you sell it.
8. fast start up time – get up and going within a few days
9. simple – no seo, ppc, adwords, google, amazon, website, social media, and low competition.
10. help promote good working products (well reviewed) – products supported by many tests.

Potential Markets
clogged arteries
high blood pressure
high cholesterol
poor circulation
diabetes *
high blood sugar
heartburn acid reflux
memory problems
low libido
low testosterone
enlarged prostate
weak bladder
bad eyesight

Products: connect with the right manufacturer offering private labelling + fulfillment. ship on demand.

email manufacturer and ask for a PDF brochure.
find products that offer a solution to the problem you selected.
tell them which product you selected – they put your label on it.

The traffic source? newspaper, direct mail, radio, tv – (pre-internet traffic sources with high baby boomer audience). Classifieds (online/offline). forums, groups. e.g. skytrain newspapers. signs at busy intersections. coffee times… cafe/waiting room papers. subscription newspapers.

Some newspapers sell ad space for 95% to cover overhead. $1m worth of advertising for $50k. Same for many other avenues.

1x 950 word ad.
Ad headline should promise a story to compell people to read (hook, pull, promise in exchange for attention and readership).

Must be addressed to target prospect.

clinical trial – not disease based – fact,statement – not claim based.

‘newspaper company’ readers have 48 hours to get special discount supply

e.g. spy on other ads online – use different call tracking numbers per ad.

Tip: spy on ads in other areas e.g. new york, boston, texas.. other countries, other continents, other languages.

Product research:
Amazon, Moreniche, Sellhealth, Market Health, Clickbank, supplement stores, spy tools like whatrunswhere, adbeat, etc.
affiliate networks, affiliate marketplace search engines such as offervault, odigger, etc.

Spy on traffic via similarweb.com
Swipe ads and landing pages with ease via VA’s and software for less than $100.

why newspaper + phone number ads? People pick up the phone, call 800 number, and the call center closes sales and upsells on your behalf and take payment only when sales are made. products picked packed shipped for you (don’t even pay shipping and handling depending on your supplier).

Can also add in online marketing:
landing page – multi-step conditions – collect email, show recommendations

5 Tips For PPC Success in the Health & Supplement Vertical

Ewen: http://www.warriorforum.com/search.php?s=683d4649ec3f5d31923e12be097e0c28&searchid=56161554

Want free traffic? Bundle your newspaper ads with other businesses. e.g. Get 2 businesses to pay for the ads and put your ads into the space for free or at a lower price (same concept as having a rental apartment).

Popular high converting button by perry belcher (pretty old as this was pre 2009 but is still seen on many VSL/order pages.