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5 steps to a scaleable content marketing campaign

Ecommerce + Paid Traffic: How Ezra Firestone Turned $434,256.72 into $1,422,500.15 in 30 Days Using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and Shopify


Increase Relevance

Reason why you run PPE ads to CTW or WC campaigns.
Edge rank is phased out and there are 100k+ factors FB uses to weigh ads.
You only need to focus on less than 10 of them.


Facebook ad disapproved for chiropractor

Use third person – not second person.

Be careful with making claims.

Avoid images that depict pain
Avoid too much text in ads and be careful what it says.
Avoid calling people out in second person. Use third person or tell a story of someone else. Not assuming you know something about the viewer.
Avoid website being classified by Facebook as spam or fake news – anything that violates web of trust https://www.mywot.com/ (ninja tip)
Avoid using permanent words – alleviate, overcome, and so on

Growing an 8 figure business: Lessons

What I learned growing an 8 figure business

The 4-Hour Workweek http://www.bookdepository.com/4-hour-Work-Week-Timothy-Ferriss/9780091929114

Zero to One http://www.bookdepository.com/Zero-One-Peter-Thiel/9780804139298?utm_source=SV-Body

The $100 Startup http://www.bookdepository.com/100-Startup-Chris-Guillebeau/9781447286318

The Lean Startup http://www.bookdepository.com/Lean-Startup-Eric-Ries/9780670921607

What Factors Affect Facebook Advertising & Conversion Costs?

The audience you are targeting

Relevance score (1-10)

Clickthrough rate

Time of year

Tips to reduce costs:
Spit test (split testing options are available to all advertisers – WC campaigns)

Frequency – reduce the number. Like relevance score where a lower number e.g. 3 vs 8 can mean paying 4x more, a higher frequency will also drive up your CPMs due to the lower engagement on ads from people who already saw it but aren’t engaging.

Refresh ads

Focus on specific objectives per campaign

Use the right image (increases CTR, engagement, and relevance)

Try carousel ads (further increases relevance try to get people to want to ‘scroll’ to see what is next)

Try CPM bidding or CTW instead of CR ads. Especially with a 1% LLA, a CPM bidding model could work better depending on your particular campaign, offer, etc.

Manual bidding can work to tell Facebook how much an action is worth to you.

  1. Facebook’s Q4 2016 earnings report showed continuing growth
  2. You can now add GIFs to your Facebook ads
  3. Facebook upgraded its video reporting with additional metrics
  4. Advertisers may soon be able to advertise on Facebook Messenger‘s home screen
  5. News Feed algorithms got a serious boost & updates in Trending Topics

Facebook Stories keeps growing and improving, becoming an increasingly important rival to Snapchat
Shttps://adespresso.com/academy/blog/top-updates-facebook-monthly-need-know-now/ (great resource by the way that is updated on a monthly basis)

Budget, Bidding & Scheduling

5 Ways to Get Tons of Low-Cost Conversions on Facebook



Don’t Turn Off Entire Ad Sets

Don’t rush to turn off an entire ad set when it doesn’t seem to be working.

You might leave precious traffic & revenue on the table!

There are 5 key decisions when creating a Facebook ad set:

  1. Allocate budgets
  2. Select target audiences
  3. Create ad schedule
  4. Choose bidding option
  5. Decide where to place ads

And within each ad set, you’ll create multiple ad creatives to test & see what works with your target audiences.

Assuming that you properly tailor the ads within each ad set to the right target audience — 5 ad sets with 3 ads each, for example — you will have created 15 ads.

Turning off an entire ad set will kill 3 ads — ads that might have worked in the past!
Don’t underestimate PPE campaigns to help jump start ads in your WC campaign and keep relevancy/engagement high.

How to Create Facebook Ads that Cost Less and Convert More


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