January 2017 ⋆ Moses Yoon

Local PPC Campaigns

Local PPC campaigns are something every Adwords advertiser should be using.

keyword + city + geotargeted + geospecific landing pages that are relevant


Why (And How) Local PPC Can Explode Your Local Business’ Profits

Ad extensions that are locally relevant (callouts, structured callouts, offers, sitelinks, etc.

99% of the competition does not invest in this and are killing their conversion rates as a result.


Facebook Contests

I’ve run a lot of contests on Facebook.
The best thing you can do is abide by FB’s guidelines.
Before doing any advertising, it’s recommended to view that platform’s ToS.
They don’t care about your $1m in ad spend – they are worth ~billions/trillion.

That said, contests are a powerful way to get people unfamiliar or familiar with your brand to engage or even join your email list.
With marketing lists, only offer things of value and have the customers main interests and desires in mind.
Give valuable content that they would share.
Focus on building your business over 5-10 years – not 1-3 months!

Upviral is a good software to use. There are others but you have to do these off of Facebook since FB doesn’t permit ‘share on friend’s timelines to enter’ to enter tactics. I still do it but only on brand new fan pages that aren’t linked to a main fan page.

Send traffic to your website and use a popup or separate page to run your ‘viral’ contest campaign to be safe. Again, read FB’s guidelines on promotional contest rules.

Turn 10 subscribers into 100, 1000, 100000. Build a massive list of people, add value, and profit.

Note: Most people get the idea of ‘adding value’ all wrong. Adding value can also mean choosing not doing something. If there is a person, product, or thing that does what you do better and you don’t mention them, it robs your audience. If people look up to you as a leader in an industry and you put a blindfold on them to keep them from your ‘competitors’ even though they aren’t competitors, you are hurting rather than helping. If a semi-decent golf instructor only uses irons but no drivers just because they dont know how to use drivers or dont own any and their students follow suite – that is wrong. Always take the high road and adopt an abundance mindset. It pays off in the long-run. As Jim Rohn used to say, “don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” Help your competitors succeed and raise yourself up in the process. Races to the bottom are worthless for everyone involved. There is plenty of evidence in our society to use as proof of that.

The qualities of successful entrepreneurs are needed in this world to weed out all of the crap.