September 2016 ⋆ Moses Yoon

Facebook Canvas Ads – Killer Combined With Retargeting

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One of the suggestions for speeding the user experience is to use FB Canvas because it’s multiple times faster than a regular mobile optimized page.¬†With the new ability to link from one canvas page to other canvas pages, you can create a whole mini site right inside of Facebook before linking out to your actual site for the sale. I expect they will soon allow you to collect payments and leads right in Canvas.


Tip: If your site loads slow, expect to get charged a higher CPC

Hosting Affiliate

Newbie affs make $65 per sale. When you do higher volume per month sales are $120-$150 per sign up to a $4/mo plan.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is 10000x easier than white hat SEO. The result? Knock off top competitors and take over their position.
It’s unethical – unless it is in self-defense. But it is very easy to get carried away as well.
Negative SEO/negative reputation management or ‘smear campaign’ marketing is an industry in and of itself.
The costs are minimal apart from time spent setting up automated software (e.g. ifttt) and for example scheduling negative articles out for target keywords to fill up the first several pages in search engines.

So instead of a business name coming up, there are a few dozen websites with negative content, fake stories, bad reviews, and so on showing up thus burying anything positive.

How do you prevent this? Hire an online reputation management company, set up google alerts for your domain/brand keywords, do as much online reputation management as you can in advance to make it difficult for newer properties to rank. Leverage CTR manipulation tactics. And do PR to get authoritative sites to talk about your brand/company.

The effects of negative SEO can be permanent so it is best to avoid such situations in the first place.