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Marketing Funnels


Some people seem to have an excuse for every problem.

Only make excuses for the problems that you want to keep.

Selling Some eCom Stores: Private Sale

Similar products – PM me if you are interested and the niche you prefer.

Fishing/Survival gear

Bachelor/mens gifts

Dog toys


And a few other very niche specific stores.

Stores do around $5k-$12k/month depending on the store with 30% ad spend – not doing email marketing. Dropshipped. High margins.

Importing From China

China Sea Freight Shipping – Everything You Need to Know

It’s quite easy to clear items through customs on your own and generally only takes a few hours.
I’ve done it dozens of times and it can save you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each time.
If you want items cleared sooner then you can have the exporter handle it for the convenience.
But if you are importing a mixture of products from different vendors then I suggest doing it yourself.


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Do you really know who you are going up against?

Five Reasons Why So Many Ecommerce Stores Fail

Top 5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Store Will Fail

Don’t Try To Be “A Success”

Everyone knows someone with a victim mentality.

Don’t try to be ‘a success’ for the prestige or vanity reasons.
Instead, aim to become ‘successful’ for what those accomplishments will make of you.

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