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Just something to consider.
A lot of people say they want to start an Amazon business.
Just keep in mind that it isn’t a business that you control or own – Amazon owns the customers. Amazon FBA as an opportunity is a glorified affiliate platform but a damned good one.

Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, Pixmania, Look Up Bubbles

Anyone Can Learn To Become An Entrepreneur

People can learn the skills to become an entrepreneur.
They will also need to have learned a lot of these things through trial and error and experience…
Reading books on how to ride a bicycle or how to swim is different from actually swimming.
For me, it was school/army/working since I was in grade school and knowing that I needed to find a way to have more not just for myself but for others around me.
I think anyone can learn how to do it. Some just aren’t willing to do the ‘how.’ Or maybe I should say most aren’t willing.
Everyone finds their own way. They have the turning point in their life where they realize that they need to start doing things differently.
Some just want more (although simply wanting more doesn’t make someone an entrepreneur either as there are a lot of people who want but take no action).

Where are you at now?

If someone were to offer you $1m now in cash to take away your ability to start your own enterprise in your lifetime would you take it? I see that as being a bad deal.

If you were a wealthy investor would you bet on YOU? I know I would.

Would you give up freedom for comfort and security? I wouldn’t.

You need to know the skills and also have the life experiences that will push you through.
First start by learning the skills and then jump in and figure out the rest.

More Azon Shit
-super urls
-negative review monitoring
-sales tracking
feedbackgenius (good one)

Amazon sues sellers for Amazon fake reviews | Amazon FBA June 2016


– Seller central acc required to log into Azon seller university.

Social Listening Software For Online Reputation Management

We have two ears and 1 mouth (listen twice as much as you speak)

It’s ‘normal’ to yell and scream at people to listen to you. That is a fast way to get ignored or mentally blocked out.
Yet that is what most brands do. So how do brands get heard?


It’s not about being heard. You just want to get some attention right?

One of the best ways to get what you want is to give out the thing that you want.
(want friendship, be a good friend, want love, love others, want respect, respect others… And so on).

So if you want people to pay attention to your brand maybe it is time to pay attention to what other people want.

So why not be different and listen for a change? It is far easier to engage with the people who are actively looking for solutions and asking for answers and create conversations from there. Pretty soon others start to chime in. You get referrals. Your brand stands out because people aren’t used to being heard/listened to. And you join the small % of the population of companies that listen on social media – thus standing out.

Next time people want something they will think of your brand.



Google Alerts also works.

Using some ninja methods, you can also gain PR for your social listening efforts which can translate into huge wins for your brand and potentially convert a lot of your competitors customers to new customers for your business overnight.

Sometimes cost isn’t a big enough reason for some people to switch… However, when they know they will be treated better and listened to then they will do what they can to switch even if it means paying high cancellation fees. People are strange like that.

Finding Products To Sell

There are a lot of fancy software as well that tells you how many items sell a day (roughly), the prices/margins, and so on.
Most people try to go for competitive niches like cellphone cases or copy ideas from a popular course.
It might not be sexy but you just need to find simple products that everyday people use – especially businesses.

Take for example salt shakers. High margins and very unskilled competition. You then go and look at what other products the competitors sell… e.g. garden supplies like garden cutters, foldable shovels and so on and find more suppliers to private label with. Consider seasonal items like snow shovels but don’t buy too many the first time around otherwise you have to hold the inventory until the next winter. BUT there are also times when you might discover situations where you might sell out of snow shovels in the Summertime (weird right?) but perhaps people are using it for something else that you didn’t even think of. Don’t always assume you know everything. We don’t know what we don’t know. Do the best you can, stay creative, and think strategically from your customers viewpoints – NOT yours ffs.


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