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Google Ranking Factors

Backlinko always has good info for SEOs

Maybe not the most advanced tips but following these steps alone usually puts you in the 1% of other SEOs.

Products To Sell And Their Descriptions


Having a video is one of the fastest ways to showcase a product – think – tv shopping networks. Having great videos go a long way to selling products for you (potentially to millions of people).

Local SEO – Google My Business – Google Plus Local – Local SEO Citations NAP

Things that matter when ranking your local Google My Business listing.


Google Reviews

Third Party Review Sites e.g. Yelp, Yellowpages, Houzz, BBB, niche specific ones and the list goes on.

The Keywords In Reviews

Keywords In The Business Name

Images – I use picasa to assign a geo location to them prior to uploading to yelp or the google listing


Stars on result pages (rich snippets – can be useful but seems to come and go – useful for Adwords for sure)

Owner verified – straightforward

Categories – make sure to get close to your main category as possible and add some secondaries

Image url

URL Of Your Website! (www and non www are treated differently so use the correct one – and your NAP name address place should be consistent to the TEE when building citations (very important).
Main 3 – citations, reviews, backlinks to the website.

How to make money with affiliate marketing and client marketing

In a nutshell – easiest thing you can do is rank videos + keyword + inc aff offer
rank for low hanging fruit (ranks within 15 min on page 1) and has decent traffic volume.

If you really wanted to you could really systematize everything and outsource it all. Most marketers doing this stop after they reach 7-figures or are building and selling sites on Flippa (at least the ones I know of). Most of them don’t give out this information and very few go into the guru business. Finding them is not always easy.

e.g. I bought an expired domain from for under $100 – ($88) or ($16) – – youtube video ranking + KWs, YT KWs, and so on. I recommend buying the program itself to verify the quality as well as taking snippets from it and using that to promote the product. If you are in a niche with free videos e.g. search KW, creativecommons – then you dont have to make your own videos, just use YT video editor and add your site url to the video.

How to Build Backlinks that Work in 2016 and Beyond – if you don’t want to use offervault or odigger try this list to get some ideas. – e.g. KW optimize and rank a page or YT video for kw “private jet booking/sale/rent etc + city” and make sure to do KW research beforehand to check the volume. “hint, also check autosuggest which shows people are searching for that term”


88 million email –

scrapebox – pitchbox – call track software – traffic optimizer –

How to Build Tier One Backlinks in 2016

citations to aff sites

Case Study: Sending Local Citations to an Affiliate Site

ppc  seo retargeting lead capture email marketing  social

Gig #1: 100 Youtube Video Embeds – Recommend buying the $5 gig extra for indexing and a power up.

Gig #2: 250 Article Sites, 300 Social Signals, and 125 web 2.0s – no gig extra necessary.

Gig #3: PBN Embed, 50 Web 2.0 embeds, and social signals – no gig extra necessary.

Gig #4: 1000 YouTube views, 50 likes, 50 subscribers, & 5 comments – no gig extra necessary. 

Gig #5: Wirecast Upload – Recommend buying the $7 gig extra for brand new YouTube channel. 

Affiliate Offers – Resort, Ecig, Identity Theft Maxbounty


Cancun resort promo 5day4night $249. $75 payout. Easy sell.


E-Cig – easy targeting options


ID theft is the fastest growing white collar crime. Too bad their landing page blows.


Join Maxbounty:


Animated Videos – Voiceovers – Freelancers


  • search my blog to find content sources and so on…

How Much Does Branding Cost? Death To Agencies – Rise Of The Digital Marketing Specialist

Agencies are notoriously poor at giving their clients an ROI. Like lawyers, when you deal with an agency, the lawyer always wins.

Ask an agency what growth hacking is and they will have no clue.

Ask them about overhead and they will tell you causes grey hairs and heart attacks.

Google, Twitter, Coca Cola?

They spent nothing on their logo design to get started (ok.. Twitter spent $3).

What are they worth now? Billions.

Digital marketing agencies… Again, terrible.

Most agencies are unenjoyable to work for, severely limits creativity if the ‘project manager’ likes to micro-manage, and often lose good talent for the same reasons.

If you are an established company with millions of dollars in revenues then working with an agency is fine and even justifiable.

I would even go as far as recommend it because at least then you know they have a track record of results to show for and a reputation to uphold.

There is of course the danger of working unscrupulous short and narrow-minded freelancers who are out to scam people for the rest of their lives and be miserable.

For a startup? No way. Stay away from agencies. Startups need traffic and conversions – they need sales.

Without money to advertise, a startup is stuck in the mud and going nowhere.

One tip for startups is to not hire employees e.g. content writers on salary but to offer equity/shares, or potential for a job placement once the company gets funded or has sales.

Always be negotiating and never EVER take the first offer – unless you have good reason to.

Nothing is worse than seeing people get excited over a new product, throwing all their money into their branding, and then having no sales – or future marketing strategy.

Start with your MVP and test the market. You can run test ads for as little as $5 a day (Facebook ads) just to get market feedback on your products.

Starting a startup doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. But you also don’t want to stay a startup for years on end. At some point you need to be able to call it a business.

The most successful startups simply had a great offer that when shown to 10 people in their target market, at least 1 person would buy it and a few would think about it or tell a friend.

When you don’t have this kind of data or pre-launch testing done, you can be wasting your time and money (or investors money – and that is not good for your reputation).

You don’t need lots of capital to get started. Heck, you can pre-launch products and get pre-sales before you even have the product made. Companies do it all the time e.g. on Kickstarter.

There is Kickstarter for those in Canada as well as Fundr, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding platforms to leverage as well as many free resources that startups can use e.g. to get their branding, logos, websites, accounting, stock photos, legal docs, and more…

Beware of freelance sites if you do not have a digital marketing background. Nothing is more frustrating to pay for something only to have the worker disappear along with all your passwords and account access or worse – get hacked and deal with customers complaining about you sending them virus spam emails.

When it comes to product development, sometimes a simple prototype will even do. Online marketing coaches do it all the time by selling coaching and then making the coaching program after they have sales.

If you are in a business that involves marketing, one of the main areas of collaboration between the CEO and anyone else in the company should be with the VP of marketing (slowly being replaced by Growth Hackers which are a new breed of marketers that are obsessed with data, analytics, testing, and scaling even with smaller budgets).

Sales and marketing drives the company forward more than anything. A good product with no marketing strategy is a sad sight to see.

A bad product with good marketing is also sad as it just means money down the drain as people are aware of it but there is no demand (just another me-too product).


There is nothing wrong with spending good money on branding – IF you set aside enough money for the rest AND have plans in place and know that your product is wanted and in demand.

If it isn’t something you can sell out of the trunk of your car or at a flea market then try again… However, if you can sell it on the streets to random passersby then you might have a good product…

What are your revenue goals? How much money do you want to make and in what timeframe? Are you aware of the risks involved with pouring money into something and wasting precious time? (Most agencies typically take twice as long as they originally quote their clients to complete the task and also charge extra). This is because employees being micro-managed are usually not the most efficient workers – and also lack business experience. Find a good marketer with a good team that knows what they are doing (full-stack) that could run the company themselves if they had to. That is the type of person you should work with because truth be told – they are also someone that you would not want to have as a competitor.



Instamate vs Instagress vs Websta Buffer vs IFTTT

Just get Instamate. I’d add the ‘add logo/text feature but skip the other upsells which you won’t need.

It only costs a few bucks. You can try it for 14 days risk-free.

instamate vs buffer vs ifttt

Click Here to start building your personal/company brand and fan base! Link it with buffer, Zapier, or IFTTT to 10x your social media game.

Schedule all of your posts to go out automatically (just leave your browser open) grow your fan page while the world sleeps.

This isn’t one of those products you buy and never use. Once you start using it you will see how powerful it is especially combined with other powerful automation software.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram