December 2015 ⋆ Moses Yoon

Adwords Optimization

Ever Lost Money On AdWords? Wanna Know How To Get It Back?

Do 90% Of AdWords Accounts Operate At A Loss?

RSLA – retargeting for search.

Homepage CRO


How The Best Ecommerce Sites Convert Millions Of Customers

value prop

A Practical Guide to Optimizing your Value Proposition and Increasing Conversions

Our Best-in-Class eCommerce List (for conversion rate optimization purposes)

CRO tactics

Marketing Predictions 2016

Content Marketing

a.k.a. attraction marketing or inbound marketing

Always lead with value

Xpress Stores – Aliexpress WordPress Affiliate Plugin – Autopilot

Add products to woocommerce store on autopilot. Affiliate wordpress sites for aliexpress and alibaba.

Make extra money or use it to gather intelligence on what sells well before ordering in bulk.

If You Had To Choose Would You Rather Be Rich Or Poor?

If you are a business owner and have to choose between poor or affluent customers which would you prefer?

Making lots of money is not greed. What you do with that money can however suggest greed – or even stupidity.
Earn a lot and increase your personal wealth not so you can help yourself but so you can help others around you. “A sinking ship cannot help another sinking ship.”

Thanks to online marketing, we are able to choose the kinds of customers we want, the kind of business we want to build, the lifestyle we want to live, and earn our freedom.
Just say no to a paycheck and living a mediocre life (one that makes you unhappy and depressed). If you truly want success then ditch ‘loser friends’ and surround yourself with people who are far more successful than yourself. Know which questions to ask yourself and things become easy/clear. Focus, then get after it.


search CPA for more CPA marketing tips

Don’t do something like this¬†
For the same effort (online marketing) you can make 10-100k/mo CPA/Azon/digital products/coaching/brand


sidenote. omg machines. 7-figures in SEO. Client leads via FB ads. 2500 leads for $500-$800 of targeted leads interested in what you have to offer. If you want to learn more on that just let me know.