October 2015 ⋆ Moses Yoon

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Make claims to get into office: Good or bad?

OK. Politicians need to LISTEN to what society needs at all levels but NOT try to do all of those things.

Most citizens don’t know what is best for society as a whole so making promises just to get their vote is a dumb move.

A young child may cry out for candy but that doesn’t mean you should give them candy. Give them vegetables and they will be better off in the long-run (so will their teeth).

Too much short-sightedness in poltics. Parties need to work together and not try to be opposites. One day I hope to see a government that is ‘aware’ of the other parties but has a solid agenda that will actually turn things around. Their plan will be good in the long-haul and is based on historical data. No need to reinvent the wheel. I hope this government will also hire experts and not ‘friends’ into office – people who are accountable and have complete integrity in what they do. I’m pretty sure the chances of these things happening is slim to none. So for now all we can do is focus on doing the best we can and not rely on the government to make things better. This is how every other successful person has done it. Not going to reinvent the wheel.


I can’t help but feel like promises were made just to get into office.

Are these changes actually going to help?

Tax hikes for high earners at 33% over 200k and potentially over 50% with provincial taxes and federal take combined will send people to do business elsewhere. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/liberal-victory-potentially-taxing-for-higher-income-earners/article26840286/

Why is the government screwing people who work hard? They should not be taxing these people. Instead, provide more incentives to re-invest into the economy in other ways. The government does a piss poor job of distributing income where it is deserved. Money passes through too many hands. Flawed, outdated, and ineffective.


This won’t help the unemployment rate. In fact I would expect an increase in gang related activity. Recruit some young kid (pot -> cocaine -> pills etc). They aren’t paying taxes.

High income earners won’t be declaring all of their taxes if they feel their competitors aren’t. 50% or 58% in NB is huge. That can make a huge difference when you know what you are doing on the marketing end.

Tax evasion? Yup, definitely going to increase. You bet. I’ll still declare everything but 99% of the other companies out there won’t. It’s going to become a bad business decision to do so as it raises the risk of going out of business.

Businesses currently generating revenues in the 200k ranges will have to make a big leap to make it worth increasing their revenues to compensate for the new tax laws.


I expect some potentially positive changes in the short-term but 5-10 years from now the numbers will show a massive decline on all fronts.


Policy to keep the government lean and not employ politicians who don’t carry their weight. Hell yeah I’d vote for that. Nothing worse than seeing tax dollars going towards supporting people who don’t deserve to be where they are.


“One of the first things Trudeau has said he’d do is legalize and regulate marijuana. He says doing so will make it harder, not easier, for young people to get it and cut out organized crime. The fine print of how it would be regulated and taxed has yet to be worked out, however.

Ok so they don’t yet have a plan? Sounds like a reliable plan – not really.


Avoid politics to maintain sanity. Too many idiots in the running. Maybe we need to import politicians from other countries as our own pool seems pretty limited.

Congrats to the Liberals.





Must make plans to leave Canada and get far away from stupid politicians and people. Remote island? Deserted island… I like the sound of that.