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Shopify Store Pro

Shopify Store Pro
Module 1 – Planning
Module 2 – Store Setup
Module 3 – Sourcing & Fulfillment
Module 4 – Facebook Marketing
Module 5 – Back-end Marketing
Module 6 – Advanced Facebook Strategies
Module 7 – Day-to-day Operations
Expert Interviews
Case Studies

Entry/Exit Popups Facebook/Adwords Traffic

Best to contact FB before running your campaign to check if your popups are passable.

Some tricks to get by for e.g. before/after (show half of the ‘before’ photo and not the entire thing) works for some people.

FB has real people reviewing accounts. Why do some ads get approved even if they are obviously against their own policy while others are disapproved? Hint: different people reviewing at different times. Some people disapprove everything while some will approve them. Got disapproved? Try again 20 minutes later and chances are it will be someone else reviewing it. I’ve had many ads approved this way that were disapproved just before. Of course this is short-term.

If you want to be safe you can always send a message to FB support.

Mashable and many other sites use entry popups (something I’ve noticed).

I highly recommend leveraging popups as much as possible as they can be the difference from a 50-70% conversion rate or hundreds of opt-ins per day (depending on how much traffic you drive).

Shopify – Dropshipping


If I go more into physical products check out:

Have not tried doba/worldwide brands to verify if bad claims are true. Might be worth looking at.

Google: keyword + manufacturer using search modifiers e.g. “” and so forth



Niche selection:

alibaba/aliexpress/ebay/pinterest/houzz/as seen on tv/touchofmodern/

I’d try using and also analyzing a site’s competitors for more product ideas.


Niche Validation

Facebook. Check for pages (at least 3 with 30k)

Broad interest at least 1m people. Check demographics.

Product Validation

Audience Insights (Facebook Business Account):

Links:   (watchcount)   (google shopping, PLA ads)

Use insight hero. Definately qwaya or ad espresso once you are doing higher volume.


Virtual Address

Phone Number:  for credit card statements  (set up voicemail. company. customer service. leave email in message to avoid customer service headaches). Or, mention facebook or have a toll-free number if you want to go beyond.


Shopify Payment Gateways

Obtaining An EIN   (simple 15 minute phone call. Answer a few questions about your business and get your EIN)

US Bank Account   (its a prepaid credit card used anywhere in the world) but it is going to be used as a US bank account for this purpose.  5 minute form sets up prepaid credit card. You will see details on US bank account details within the account. You can then use those details to set up billing in Shopify to receive payments to US Bank account.

Live Presentation/Speaking Tips

The success or failure of a presentation can largely depend on how well (or poorly) you are introduced or ‘pre-framed’.

Coordinate with the presenter on this matter.

Squash negative beliefs about selling. If you know that what you have is what people want then it is selfish to not ‘sell’ it.

Attaching a monetary value to something is necessary in order for people to value it.

If someone is free, it is perceived as being less valuable.

Put differently, when someone doesn’t pay (give something up with some pain) in order to get it, then they don’t value it as much.

They are also less likely to follow through and finish what they started.

A person that gives a more serious investment is more willing to complete something.

When presenting, always present yourself as the go-to expert.

Be sharp and enthusiastic.

Don’t try to connect with everyone.

Just connect with your core audience because people can see inauthenticity from a mile away.

Do this by telling your story about why you do what you do in a way that is memorable, shows you are ‘just like me/you’, and that you care.

A presentation killer is when the presenter talks about people like wallets just there to be manipulated for money.

Even if you care more about people than anyone else in the world, people won’t know it until you say it.

Yes, people are sadly poor judges of character so it is up to you to properly convey how you want to be perceived.

People MUST know that you CARE, are trustworthy, and just like them before they will buy from you.

What you say verbally might not mirror what your body is subconsciously saying. (nonverbal cues)

If you are a confident presenter, encourage the audience to participate more often and actually engage rather than just going through the motions.

Call people out if they aren’t going to participate and remind them why they are there which is to learn or improve.

Let people know that they are special and different from most people who decided not to attend to ‘better themselves.’

Speak from your ‘core influence.’ it’s a skill

Focus on giving maximum value.

When giving a live presentation, you have to respect the fact that people took time out of their busy lives to come and listen to you.

Always give a lot of value to the point where people can’t stop talking about you and find themselves thinking about all of the insightful tips you were able to provide in that period of time.

Prove that you can in fact save a person a lot of money while making them more money in the process because you are an expert.

When someone asks a question that you don’t have the answer to simply say I would love to find out for you and mean it.

Nobody knows everything but most people know that they can research just about anything within seconds online via the best resources (or straight from the source).

It’s best not to change the subject or attempt to save face by indirectly answering a question.

Ask the person if ‘that answered their question and genuinely care.’

Teaching in parables helps people remember what you say.

Give value points e.g. ‘if there is one thing I want you to take away from today it’s X’

Ask people to write things down not only so they remember things better but also so that they are reminded of the value you’ve provided to them – and so they remember to implement them when they leave.

One of the best live presentation sales tips that many presenters don’t use is pre-selling their audience.

This means getting micro-commitments from the beginning of the presentation to the end.

Yes, many people know what you are doing however if you do it right, it further reinforces you as the expert.

By getting people to take certain actions, say yes verbally and non-verbally to your (tie down phrases), raise their hand for yes, and constantly nod, they are far more likely to listen when you tell them to get something.

People want to buy but poor salespeople fail to sell.

Use those strategies only if you sincerely believe that you can help the person(s) achieve what they really desire to have.

When presenting, always rehearse your presentation.

Only the best presenters can ‘wing’ it because they’ve done it 8000’s of times.

The reason you want to present a rehearsed presentation is to pack as much value into a small period of time as possible.

If people interrupt with questions that are non-relevant it is possible that they are doing so because the presenter is also off-topic.

If you’ve given value during your presentation then it is absolutely OK (and necessary) to sell to take people ‘up the value ladder.’

The mistake that poor salespeople make is trying to ‘get’ something before giving value.

Lead with value.

Watch successful presenters and analyze why they are successful.

Learn whether or not you present better alone or in tandem and arrange accordingly (either split presentations or duo).

When someone asks a question for help on a subject matter, rather than talking about how you cannot help them, put yourself in their shoes and let them know what you would do.

Chances are you or someone you know has been in their position so share what you or someone else did to overcome that situation.

Or you can ask ‘who in the audience is willing to help’ and connect people – thus becoming an influencer.


Use a microphone even if your voice carries.

Ask if people can hear you ok because it is important they do.

Remind yourself to have plenty of water on hand if you are going to be speaking for a longer period of time.

If the audience says hat they cannot hear you then make a note to travel with a mic in the future or find a way to prepare for that type of situation no matter how ill-prepared the organizers are.

Good salespeople use changes in tonalities to get their point across with greater effectiveness.

At the same time don’t let the poor organization get the best of you – things could be worse.

People admire those who are able to rise to the occasion and still perform at a high level despite missteps.

Ensure that you achieve what you came to achieve be it to educate, inform, or get more members into your program.

Whatever your goal is, don’t be afraid to share it with the audience and let them know that it is what you want and hope to achieve by the end of your presentation.

Is it OK to provide tons of value and then sell at the end? Of course.

A more advanced strategy would be letting people know that you have nothing to sell (Frank Kern talks a bit about this in his mass control course).

If you position yourself correctly as the expert then a larger portion of the audience will follow you.

Jesus Christ was one of the world’s best leaders and came before all of the ‘Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn’s’ and other leaders before him so model after him.

(I’m no Catholic) but the Catholic Church is in my opinion one of the most prominent ‘brands’ in the entire world – take notes. Churches built in the center of villages usually with the bell and as one of the higher buildings as a place where people congregate. The cross being the ‘logo.’ Millions of people spreading the ‘word’ a.k.a. brand ambassadors.

4:30 am. Time to start the day.







Adsense Monetization  sortable, ezoic   

Facebook Ad Types

popunder ads (propellermedia e.g. $50 cpm)

Stream SEO email:

If you remember that article where we explored RevenueHits as an Adsense Alternative and you tested it, you’ll like this one.
This is one of THE BEST pop under ad networks i’ve seen in the last years. And I wrote a complete guide to show you how to use it: Make money with PopUnder Ads.
The thing about pop unders is that they can work really well in different countries cause you’re monetizing on a CPM basis instead of monetizing per click.
With Adsense, if you had 100 visits and 3 clicks, you’d receive money for those 3 clicks.
With PopUnders, if you have 100 visits, you’0ll have 100 impressions and receive a commission for it.
Anyway, PopUnders are great for video sites, download sites, streaming sites and anything around those niches. Some friends are doing more than $500 per day with PopUnders and it’s one of my favorite monetization methods aside from Adsense.
Here’s the complete guide: Make Money with PopUnder Ads
BTW, these type of ads work super good with mobile visitors. I’ve seen CPMs above $50 with Propeller Ads, so if you’ve got mobile traffic, this is something you want to A/B test.
Best regards!

Marketing Using Facebook Ads

When you do find a channel that’s profitable, spend as much as you can, while you can.