September 2015 ⋆ Moses Yoon

Periscope for sales, leads, followers

Become an early adopter. Periscope is growing fast and many people are getting a LOT of visibility simply by taking action and putting themselves out there. Leverage a hot platform (while it’s hot).

Use it to sell physical or digital products, services, raise awareness, build a following, give value, and more.

Never Stop Learning

I’ve generated revenues via online (automated) sales for my own private labelled and digital products and think it’s only fair to share what’s working with fellow entrepreneurs.

The reason most companies fail in marketing is simple. How do you tell an employee or freelancer what you want them to do if you don’t even know all of the options available? You are at the mercy of the freelancer! So hopefully you find someone honest who has your best interests at heart.

I’ve seen all kinds of companies from small to many mid sized companies with 50+ employees with no online presence and it makes me sad. That is potentially millions of dollars being left on the table each month all because they ‘tried’ working with a marketer in the past whose portfolio/resume/credentials looked good on paper but they lacked the characteristics of truly successful marketers. These are the ones capable of building 7-8 figure companies and working on the business rather than in it. Then those companies never bothered with online marketing again saying ‘it doesn’t work.’ It is very sad…

On the bright side? You know that the best ROI and key to the fastest path to success is online. You know that it does work when you find the right person because you had good experiences. The only trouble now is finding someone who will bother to help you when they could instead be building their own fortune. It’s tough – but possible.

So why do I still help companies? Mainly because I hate to see people waste money on things that are obvious scams. I don’t like to see people get taken advantage of and then go out of business in the process. I’m selective with the companies I choose to work with because I only want to help good people do better.

Online marketing is easy when you have a profitable traffic source. FYI when you find a good source of traffic don’t expect it to last forever. It can be gone the next day. Be sure to diversify your sources of traffic and work towards building traffic that YOU own. For this reason, one of the best sources of traffic that I highly recommend you to work on developing is your organic traffic. This is from blogging as one example for long-tail keywords. It is easy to outsource and one of the more profitable sources of traffic. The most consistently profitable forms of traffic is from email lists. “Your network is your net worth” or “the money is in the list.” There is of course a right and wrong way to leverage your email list (99% of people get it wrong). If you want to scale quickly you MUST use paid traffic strategies. Again, 99% of people get this wrong and waste thousands of dollars. I truly do HATE seeing people waste money. In some cases, a campaign might be profitable but when I look at it, I notice that it could be 2-3x more profitable if it was set up properly and managed by someone who actually took advanced courses.

What’s the fastest path to success online? Reverse engineer what your competitors have done. Opt-in to their email lists and see their autoresponder sequences. Buy their products. What is their customer service like? What are some ways you can do better?Perhaps you can include a gift and personally written thank-you note inside your packaging? Study where your competitors (both direct/indirect) are advertising. Use tools like,,,, google & bing’s keyword planners,, ubersuggest, autosuggest,,, semrush, spyfu, keywordspy, and thousands of other sites/software to gather intelligence and form the foundation of how you want to structure your plan of attack. Don’t just throw things up there and hope they stick! That is what amateurs do and amateurs don’t get worthwhile results. They just waste your time. One of the biggest keys to success with marketing online is knowing all of the tools the professionals use to get their results. Trust me there are thousands of them. The key is to be aware of all of them and then use the right ones for the right jobs. Most online marketers don’t have the knowledge or discipline to do a proper job.

“you don’t know what you don’t know.”

If you fail to continue learning and developing your skills as a marketer you will not be able to compete with other marketers for top digital real estate/rankings. When I look at how things are on the online marketing world I just have to say that most companies are doomed and only a few get lucky.


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We’ve all done it. Gone to a networking meeting or event filled with NOT like-minded people.

These days I prefer to use the internet and learn from the MOST successful people rather than the local have been’s who have stopped growing and that have small visions.

Always see the bigger picture and don’t let the ‘fire’ go out.