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Google Vs Godaddy Domain Registrar

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170 Alternative PPC Sources

PPC – Alternative sources


  1. Absolute Agency
  2. AcceleratorMedia
  3. ad pepper media
  4. adagency1
  5. AdBrite
  6. Adconian
  7. AdDynamix
  8. ADEngage
  9. Adgenta QAds
  10. adgridwork
  11. Adicate
  12. Adify
  13. AdJungle
  14. Adknowledge
  15. AdlandPro
  16. Adlink Media
  17. AdMentum
  18. AdMob
  19. AdOrigin
  20. Ads-Click
  21. ADSDAQ Ad Exchange
  22. adsmarket
  23. AdSmart
  24. adtechnica
  26. AdToll
  28. Advertlets
  29. AdVolcano
  30. AffiliateFuel
  31. AffiliateFuture
  32. Agendize
  33. AmaSensAds
  34. Amazon
  35. Ampira Media
  36. Anastasia International
  37. Auction Ads
  38. AVN Ads
  39. Axill
  40. AzoogleAds
  41. Bannerconnect
  42. BannerSpace
  43. BardzoMedia
  44. BClick
  45. Bidvertiser
  47. Black Label Ads
  48. BlinkAccess
  49. BlogAds
  50. BlogKits
  51. BlueFN
  52. BlueLithium
  53. BurstMedia
  54. buyat
  55. Casale Media
  56. CBprosense
  57. Chitika
  58. Claxon
  59. Click2Sell
  60. ClickBank
  61. Clickbooth
  62. Clickhype
  63. Clicksor
  64. clickXchange
  65. clixGalore
  66. CNet Shopper
  67. Commission Junction
  68. Commission Monster
  69. Copernic Media
  70. CoverClicks
  71. CPX Interactive
  72. CrispAds
  73. CyberBounty

-74. DarkBlue

  1. Dragon Media Online
  2. eBay AdContext
  3. eClickZ
  4. Enhance Interactive
  5. eType Europe
  6. eType USA
  7. ExpoActive
  8. Fair Ads Network
  9. Federated Media
  10. FineClicks
  11. FluxAds
  12. Gorilla Nation
  13. Her Agency
  14. HispanoClick
  15. Hyperbidder
  16. IncentaClick
  17. IndustryBrains
  18. InterClick
  19. Interevco
  20. JoeTec
  21. Komli
  22. Kanoodle
  23. Kontera
  24. LinkBliss
  25. LinkLike
  26. LinkShareAds
  27. LinkWorth
  28. MaxBounty
  29. MetaReward
  30. Microsoft adCenter
  31. Mirago
  32. MIVA
  33. Money4Banners
  34. MoreNiche
  35. NeverblueAds
  36. Nixxie
  37. Nuffnang
  38. OneMonkey
  39. Opt-Media
  40. Oridian
  41. Oxado
  42. PayDotCom
  43. PayPerPost
  44. PayPopUp
  45. Pheedo
  46. Phorm
  47. PointRoll
  48. PopUpTraffic
  49. Premium Network
  50. PrimaryAds
  51. ProfitCenter
  52. Project Wonderful
  53. PubMatic
  54. Pulse 360
  55. Quigo AdSonar
  56. QuinStreet
  57. Real Media
  58. RealCast Media
  59. RealTechNetwork
  60. Revenue Science
  62. RevenuePILOT
  63. ReviewMe
  64. RevoClix
  65. Right Media Exchange
  66. Robert Sherman Company
  67. ROI Rocket
  68. Rydium
  69. Searchfeed
  70. Shareasale
  72. Sponsored Reviews
  73. Strategic Affiliates
  74. Targetpoint
  75. Text Link Ads
  76. Textads Dot Biz
  77. TextWise

-152. TNX.Net

  1. Trade Doubler
  2. Traffic Marketplace
  3. Tremor Media
  4. Tribal Fusion
  5. TTZMedia
  6. ValidClick
  7. ValueAd
  8. ValueClick Media
  9. Veoda
  10. Vibrant Media SmartAds
  11. Vizu Polls
  12. WayPointCash
  13. Web Advertising
  14. WebSponsors
  15. WhenU
  16. WidgetBucks
  17. Yahoo Publisher Network
  18. YesAdvertising

What we do…

(Brand) -> Traffic -> Conversions -> Sales

I work with a small handful of clients on a contract basis with average monthly budgets ranging from $5000-$10,000. (If you have a smaller project I can still assign a skilled and trusted freelancer to assist you). My current marketing team consisting of 78 experts consistently out competes even the largest competitors. We handle everything you can imagine ranging from web design, creating multiple leadpages, crafting strategies for traffic, email marketing, search engine marketing & optimization, social media, app development, branding, and anything else you can think of. If you are looking for a strong marketing strategy without the fluff then I will put it together and my team will always deliver. My focus is on reverse engineering what the most successful companies in any given industry have done, seeing what works the best, filling the gaps, and scaling my clients companies. I treat my clients businesses as I would my own and am always there to provide feedback and ideas. In the long-run, my goal is for my clients to dominate their entire marketplace both online and offline. The goal is always to make more money for the businesses that I work with by improving the customer experience, making it easier for customers to find them, consistently outperforming the competition, and building a solid brand.

I lead a team of experienced internet marketers who create provide powerful marketing campaigns for any business in virtually any industry. We leverage both paid and organic targeted traffic sources and automated sales funnels. We can provide your agency with all the tools, knowledge, and experience to grow your business. All you need to do is tell me your vision for the company, provide me with a few details here and there, and our team can take care of the rest.

Priority is given to companies with at least 10 employees, a good reputation, and competent leadership team with strong business acumen. I’m always focused on the long-term success of my clients. Over the years I’ve met with many CEOs of large companies that insisted they go down a particular path with regards to online marketing even when I knew 100% that their strategy would not work. It is never a surprise to me that they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on empty promises made by other marketers who didn’t have any clue what they were doing. I will always tell you the truth about whether or not something will work or what direction is best to take. I don’t do what I do for the money. It is essential to ‘pivot’ and be flexible in order to adapt to changes in the marketplace. Competition is a good thing because it means there is a demand. I know how to position your brand above 90% of the ‘competition’ so that you dominate. It pains me to see companies with huge potential end up failing due to their lack of a marketing strategy or ability to execute that strategy. I keep things simple, show what the top companies in all industries do, and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. I understand how to maximize marketing budgets effectively to provide the best return on investment. The most basic form of what I do boils down to creating a website with an automated lead gen system, a scalable traffic strategy, and selling services and products where there is a market. Where most businesses fail is not having a traffic strategy or not knowing how to reach their target audience. They spend all their time doing the 80% of things that don’t matter and ignore the 20% that does. There is a lot to learn when it comes to online marketing and I spend hundreds of hours each month continually learning and investing in knowledge. This knowledge goes into the strategies that we create for our clients and makes them more money. Because I have a large team of professionals, getting systems set up and putting companies into profit mode is quicker and done right the first time. Most other marketing companies fail to get to a point where their clients are seeing a return from their marketing dollars. I can share stories of countless business owners that have invested well over 6-figures on things that I could have done for FREE. There are a lot of scams out there but my goal is always to educate my clients, ensure they know what works and what doesn’t, make clear exactly what I am doing, and be invested in their growth. Together we grow.

You don’t know what you don’t know.  I’ve seen MANY, I repeat, MANY sad paid marketing campaigns that were barely scraping by when even a few small tweaks here and there could have a made HUGE difference. Most were a total write off since they weren’t even set up properly from the beginning. Why not let someone who has invested thousands of dollars, hours, and has helped many companies from a wide-rane of industries help you to achieve greater results? There are a lot of marketers out there who are so busy punching keys that they don’t have the luxury of keeping up to date with all the changes going on in the internet marketing space.

If sales and marketing are 80% of what businesses should focus on then isn’t it worth handing the project management over to a professional? I recommend doing your due diligence and choosing the right person. As a smart entrepreneur, you want to work with a marketer that knows things that 99% of the marketers working for your competitors don’t know. It isn’t enough to hire just anybody. You deserve (hopefully) the best and aren’t going to settle. You owe it to your employees, family, customers, and most importantly, yourself.

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3rd Space
Ad Focused
Ad Pepper Media
Adblue Digital