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Content Strategy Made Easy

Content Research

Also check out buzzsumo, facebook posts, yelp, amazon reviews, discussion forums, quora, anywhere there are discussions online. Take the research from these communities and create something unique that is shareworthy.



Mr. Cardone

While everyone else is contracting, make a point to grow. If you can ‘weather the storm’ you will be all that’s left so go all in. Don’t be afraid of failure and rejection because you cannot succeed without going through a lot of it. If you want to increase your rate of success, you need to increase your rate of failure. If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying hard enough. The last thing that I want to be is just another salesperson out to make a quick dime.

Thanks Grant Cardone.



TeeSpring. 30 Minutes A Day. Set It And Forget It

Sorry for this lower quality demonstration but my private mentors are (private) and charge many thousands of dollars for private coaching.

Below is still an o.k video explanation by another marketer who seems to have grasped some of the fundamentals.

Use questions in your posts as they convert at a higher rate.
e.g. Would you _______?
or something that works well for me is: Do you like _____? Then like us.

Don’t send paid traffic directly to the teespring link as shown in the video. You always want to build your list. You can use the engagifire remote commander link to create popup ads on any website and set timers/triggers. The popup appears and they opt in as well as purchase the shirt. Or, they might opt-in without purchasing. Even if they don’t purchase you can market to them again later or add them into the funnel.


Below are some examples of sales funnels.

I would guess that somewhere around 99.9% of people who have paid for advertising on Google, Facebook, or anywhere else, did something that looks like this.

e.g. Send traffic directly to the offer


If you want to support Google like it is some kind of charity and you are a billionaire then go ahead. But if you want to maximize your profits then there is a better way. (There is always a better way).

At least in the example below there is some upselling and downselling going on. Even this is better than what most marketers do but still puts you at about average.

typical funnel


Below the marketer has incorporated a landing page/squeeze page to collect emails that he/she can then leverage later on. Do this and you are building an asset.

The format below doesn’t show the addition of referral/shares. E.G. Pay with a like or unlock this content by sharing which should always be incorporated. It’s an improvement over the first as autoresponders are set up. You can easily drive more new referred leads back to the squeeze page, gain new opt-ins, and they then do the same. This method can increase your return on investment very rapidly. The sad thing is you won’t really find any marketers or marketing companies employing this for their clients. The marketers that know this strategy are too busy making 7-figures a year online from nothing but a laptop and a few hours a day.



The endless funnel or viral marketing funnel as I like to call it is what the name implies. Done right, you can generate more new leads than you are putting into the funnel on autopilot when your own list is building our list for you through the power of social shares and ‘reciprocity.’

Use this strategy and you instantly put yourself in the top 1% of all marketers…

endless funnelIf none of this makes sense but you want to learn how to do this just add me on skype and I’ll give you a fast 30 minute run-through of this method.