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5 Email Marketing Tips

Why Execution Is Everything In Business

If you have a great idea just go for it. Launch a campaign on If you fail, learn from it but don’t dwell on the failures. Focus on your vision.

90% of training is done in the hiring process. Build a solid team and get rid of all the weak links. It isn’t worth sacrificing everyone else’s vision just to please 1 negative person. If there are merits to their complaints —– be sure to address them!!!

Those complaints might not just be to get attention. They could be legitimate pain points that if resolved, could make your product, offering, or service 10x better. It might be the ‘missing piece’ to creating the best thing out there.

Honesty is a good policy. Reward honest people and be wary of 24/7 ass-kissers.


Lets do it…

I take a broad approach and look at things from a birds eye view. I advertise to bring you leads and provide marketing services once you have them. A lot of times, people think that working with a larger company is better. When you work for example with a large company, the person handling your marketing is not the founder (the person passionate about what they do). It is usually 1 fresh new employee usually with only a few years of experience. I believe that marketing and advertising is 80% if not more of what a business should be spending their time doing. As such, if you want to have success then make sure that the actual person doing the marketing understands how to be successful and has a vested interest in your success. If not, your business isn’t going anywhere.

When you work with a freelancer or someone who focuses on just a few clients at a time, you generally see better results. This is because this person has more time to listen your needs and really get to understand your business and the areas that it needs help in.

When you work with me, you get my help along with the help of my team of MCA graduates with a minimum of 5+ years of experience at a reasonable cost per hour. No smoke and mirrors and no ass covering. I can do a little and I can do a lot with the help of my team. I know what it is like trying to find a reliable, trustworthy, and honest marketer to work with and believe me when I say that I know it isn’t easy.

The reason why it is hard to find a ‘freelancer’ to do your marketing these days is because many freelancers do not have effective delegation skills, are weak at negotiating, aren’t constantly learning, have a small business mindset, and don’t even believe in what they do. When you don’t believe in yourself you have lost before you’ve even begun.

I’ve been through the process of hiring many times over when I was looking for marketing help with other ventures. That feeling of wondering why on earth it was so hard to find someone ‘competent’ and that I could trust to do what they say they are going to do is part of the reason why I took matters into my own hands.

My initial start in online marketing was back in highschool when I partnered with expert Russian internet marketers that I reached out to after coming across one of their free rehab eBooks on for plantar fasciitis. Together we created, tested, marketed, and sold many electronic copies of a ‘jump higher’ ebook and then branched out to other niches. This opened my eyes to the possibilities and I knew it was the future. I would then go onto spending 5-6 hours a day everyday learning as much as I could about internet marketing.

It is sad to see but a lot of business owners have lost hope of getting ahead because they don’t know what to believe in anymore. It is why I decided to provide what I’ve learned from having built many successful companies for my clients and more recently for my own ventures. Business isn’t hard. It is actually very simple. There is no competition when you make a decision that you want to dominate. It has always been people that makes business difficult. Helping fellow entrepreneurs have massive breakthroughs fuels the passion behind what I do. Period. I do what I do in terms of marketing and advertising to set a new standard in this industry and to make a difference in the lives of my clients and their customers. When I got into marketing for other people’s companies, my focus was never on the money but to serve others. I’ll help you take your vision for your company and bring it to life.

I believe the number one form of self sabotage is looking for ways to do things only incrementally better. If you are ever going to do something, do it big. One solid piece of advice I received from one of my mentors was to take the advice I received from unsuccessful people and do the complete opposite.

While marketing for other business isn’t something I intend on doing for the rest of my life I will always be a marketer at heart!