February 2015 ⋆ Moses Yoon

Some Online Traffic Sources

Old and reliable sources of traffic. Never rely on just one source of traffic.


Other general tips

Use social media bookmarking sites, use your social media accounts (connecting with influential people),¬† gets links from other sites, capitalize on free promotional ops, create free products/services that offer serious value, create viral content or just aggregate viral content, use offline promotion, include your URL in signatures on forums… ETC ETC.

How do you do all of this? Use elance.com odesk.com staff.com freelancer.com guru.com etc etc… Work less IN your business and more ON your business. We all have 24 hour days, the difference between successful and unsuccessful people (financially speaking) is how they spend their time. Enough on that.

Every business starts as a startup. By definition startups are temporary. I recommend businesses that are extremely scalable. That is why I am always learning more about internet marketing and online business because you can reach anyone in the world through the web. More than 1 billion people are on their social media accounts everyday.

If you want to learn advanced traffic generation strategies from 7-8 figure marketers you need to spend 5-6 figures a year (if you want to significantly shorten your learning curve) or learn it online for free using what is readily available. I recommend picking several of the most successful people and modeling them. If you do what they do, you will eventually begin to see changes in your own life because success leaves clues. Online marketing isn’t really something that can be learned in ‘school’ eg. college, because the internet is constantly changing and what you may learn in a textbook 1 month can be outdated or obsolete in the next. You need to have a certain level of desire, self belief, and commitment to your goals to sit through the thousands of hours of knowledge that comes your way. And yes, it is like trying to take a drink from a fire hose…

Back on track, there are millions of ways to get millions of targeted visitors to a website. I recommend using both paid and unpaid sources of traffic. Start small and scale up. Certain sources obviously convert better for certain industries. I rely heavily on social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) for driving traffic to eCommerce businesses.

I’ll admit I used to buy large email lists in the past because they were very easy ways to get instant traffic. Imagine buying a list of 1000 emails for $100 knowing that you will make back at least $200 per month through residual income in the form of repeat sales each month. These are emails of people who have once shown interest or opted in to receive information on a certain topic to direct them to a landing page so it isn’t promoting something the person isn’t interested in. I only promoted products that were legitimate and that I’ve tested out and would buy myself. This was how I promoted my first vertical jump eBook program which me and my partner sold off and disassociated ourselves with due to various trademarking agreements, NDA’s and other things that I did not understand at the time. Knowing what I know now, I probably would have dropped formal education altogether and just continued to promote it myself. Public education is pretty flawed and has held a lot of people back….

In other news, pay per click and solo ads are also a fast way to get instant traffic.

Making money online is extremely simple but I don’t think it’s for everyone. There are definitely a lot of people out there who don’t consider the consequences of their actions or worse, don’t care about the negative impact they could have on others by promoting low quality products.

It might seem harder to be successful online keeping your integrity intact when you see what the scammers are doing but your reputation is everything. You will always be more successful doing things the right way and avoiding shady/slimy people.


Extra resources to help you save more time



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1. Plan: 1:25min- Leanstack: http://leanstack.com/

2. Business Name: 1:53min- USPTO: http://www.uspto.gov/

3. Legal Structure: 3:03 min- Sole Proprietor and DBA: http://1.usa.gov/1j4lodQ

4. IRS- EIN Number: 5:19min- Register For Your EIN: http://1.usa.gov/18bJ7JL

5. Wholesale/ Sales Tax Permit: 6:06min

6. Accepting Payments: 7:08min- Square: https://squareup.com/

7. Website: 8:15min- Blue Host (discount link)

8. Shipping: 10:31min- USPS https://www.usps.com/

9. Social Media: 11:05min

10. Tips: 11:50min


Importance Of Focus