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Top 15 Business Books Recommended by Today’s Top Entrepreneurs

Top 15 Business Books Recommended by Today’s Top Entrepreneurs


Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis (XPRIZE) on the Magic of Thinking BIG


Are Micro Niche Sites Dead?: Hello Authority Niche sites

Micro niche sites are dead. These were the sites created around very specific long-tail keywords with decent search traffic and a few content posts. They could be set up in 5 minutes on a WordPress platform. Now it’s all about authority niche sites thanks to Google’s relentless quest to get rid of junk and improve user experience.

My first micro niche? “How to jump higher” – Aware Jump. It was a niche that I accidentally stumbled upon after suffering from plantar fasciitis since I could remember. After training, my vertical leap had improved by 12 inches. Jumping higher became an obsession and soon I was able to hang onto a standard 10 ft basketball hoop with both hands from a standstill jump or get my elbow to the rim on a 1 leg take-off.  Many years of chronic overtraining also led to many injuries. Humping hundreds of pounds of gear in the military also took its toll on my knees.  I still believe it is a great niche for anyone looking to start a blog that makes at least $1000 a month. I still look at it and am surprised at how unsaturated the market is for that category.

I can teach anyone with a computer and camera phone how to make a micro site that makes money.

Ways to monetize niche blogs (there are many but here are the most popular)

Amazon Associates (the best) – Adsense (wouldn’t bother until you get at least 10k visitors per month as new blogs with ads is smells desparate) – Clickbank (not as good) – Affiliate products

The golden days of micro niche sites and buying link packages to get them to #1 overnight are long gone. Making money online was once a breeze. It is actually still quite simple but not easy (yes, Simple, but not easy) considering how few are actually willing to create an authority site.


But in any case, here is a great article on the subject of micro niche sites. They still work if you have a well built PBN (refer to previous article on PBNs) however more effort is required than before to not get slammed by Google.

Why Micro Niche Sites No Longer Work (and What You Need to Focus on Instead)

This post is quite funny considering how many people I know have made a lot more than a mere couple thousand per month from their niche sites. It still works but SEOs have gotten smarter about it. There is also a lot more competition. Find an untapped niche or rename an existing product under something else. Think outside the box (not like average marketers) and you can start to get results like the top 1/2 of 1%.

Tip: Don’t get attached to outcomes. Focus on giving value regardless of whether or not you will make any money. The money you make will be in proportion to the number of people you help. Just believe that everything comes back in the end. Be happy just helping others. Best of luck.


Hang on a second. Just kidding!

Micro niche sites are NOT dead. You just need to be really good at scaling your operations. This means thousands of PBNs and leveraging something like network crusader. Then it is definitely worth building your PBNs and scaling up for the longer term. No guarantees though that it will last forever

Long-Tail Keywords For Adwords PPC


Recommended software:

Longtail Pro

SEO Powersuite