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Yoast Plugin SEO Settings

Settings file (see attached zip file) which you can import into your wordpress SEO plugin by Yoast
You must have the Yoast wordpress SEO installed on your site
Once activated go to the Yoast settings and see the import export tab, go to the bottom of the page and import from the import tab. There are other settings that are specific to your site, somplease make sure you fill in your sites info such as titles, descriptions etc.

yoast settings


Job Vs 6-figure Income

Nothing worthwhile is easy but once you have a solid plan or blueprint in place, anything is possible. Always start out by writing down your goals. Most people make the mistake of keeping their goals in their heads. Just write it down.

S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound)

Start with 60k as your goal, then gradually go for more. If you are willing to do the work, then this is relatively easy. In reference to SMART goals, you want to leverage other people’s abilities. Leadership is one of the highest paying skills next to negotiation. There are many people who just want someone to show them the way.

Here are some steps to help you reach your next milestone:

Increase efficiency

Leverage more (lead a team of future leaders – not followers)

Build credibility with high profile clientele

Build stronger connections

Develop an impressive portfolio (necessary for some clientele)

Have a strong brand

Develop a strong social media and online presence (Necessary once you have your own agency)



Make Extra Money with Freelance Writing:

His site:


How She Made 6 Figures as a Freelance Writer in 2011


Want to make 7-8 figures? Hang around people making 7-8 figures.

Ecommerce Website

Sadly, many entrepreneurs never get past the website phase or run out of funds leaving nothing for their marketing/advertising strategy. There are systems and tools that are designed to make getting an ecommerce website easy so you can focus on the 100s of other things that you need to do as well.   I’ve used this many times and it is highly recommended. It will save you time and money. No more burning though thousands of dollars on coding. Sure, you might want something super fancy but don’t we all? One of my clients is now doing over 1.5m in sales each year and they started from scratch with just an idea. Test it out and you will see how much easier it is to use than other platforms.

Are You Planning For The Future?

Found an interesting picture online that illustrates a lot of my clients struggles.

Do you feel like your competition is taking all of the business leaving you with the scraps?
Chances are high that they probably are. But it’s not their fault. That is just the nature of how businesses operate. You are either growing or dieing. With the way customers are finding services (mainly on Google) it is no wonder why the companies that spend the most on their online marketing campaigns are seeing the most growth.


What tools are you using? Are you investing in the future? Sometimes what works too well can be the downfall of a particular business. Many times business owners never diversify outside of what has been working and they get ‘comfortable’. Comfort is a big killer. It won’t be long until your competition wipes you out as they continually grow, have higher buying power, better quality products, and better pricing. In most cases, customers are loyal to the products they buy, not to a particular brand as many would like to think. It only took Lulul—mon’s CEO a few misplaced words to lose a good portion of their customers.


Many business owners try to do everything themselves and wear far too many hats. This is not as productive as say spending 80% of your time and energy doing only what you do best.


Are you building on a solid foundation? A large part of success has to do with the quality of planning and preparation that goes into a venture – any venture. Are you leveraging your marketing efforts and results to get better results in the future? Successful businesses are those that are always taking advantage of every opportunity to grow. Yes, there is good growth and there is bad growth but you can never have too much good growth – especially if what you are doing is helping a lot of people.


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Why Webmasters Should Not Switch From HTTP To HTTPS For SEO

The title of this post is misleading because the reality is – You should switch from http to https for SEO.

Google recently announced that it will be boosting websites rankings that migrate over to HTTPS to keep people safer on the web. As a ranking factor, it is so small that it probably isn’t worth doing – or is it?

Do you switch? That is a risk you must take. The rewards in your ranking could be big down the road or what you need to go from page 3 to 2, or 2 to 1. Look at just about any major website on SEO and you will notice that they have all adopted SSL. In general most SEO’s try to do what Google wants. Trying to game the system using black hat strategies means having to re-do all the work you did over and over again and where is the leverage in that?

If you do decide to switch, ensure that you have the correct 301 redirects to preserve your PageRank. While your website’s rankings may drop or remain the same, it is most likely that Google will reward those sites that switched down the road.


Information regarding HTTPS as carrying more weight for search algorithms.


Information detailing why HTTPS is slower than HTTP.