March 2014 ⋆ Moses Yoon

Why Are There No Posts?

Sorry for the lack of posts here but I’ve been working hard building multiple businesses. In the meantime feel free to drop me a line.

This website was created less than a week ago. Most of my time is spent managing multiple marketing campaigns for several businesses. If you are a business owner then you probably know that marketing accounts for more than half of the total focus a business owner must direct towards growing his or her business. I will do my best to update this website and provide more information on what I do.

There are some business owners who have no clue how to market and many of those businesses sadly don’t survive to see their 5th anniversary. There is a cost to delegating (hiring) someone else with the expertise to take care of this. Whether or not it should be done depends on one simple factor….

“Does the cost of hiring this person outweigh the cost of not hiring them and trying to do it all yourself?”

If the pain of not getting it done outweighs the cost it is a good idea to invest the money and let someone else take care of it for you. The trick then becomes finding the right person.

Finding the right person

A good way to tell if you should work with someone is by meeting with the person either via Skype or locally. He or she will more than likely offer an initial consultation and go over what he or she can do for your marketing campaign. Ask to see their previous work, and if possible, contact their previous clients. There are a lot of people who make promises that they cannot or have never fulfilled. Beware of anyone that says they will get your business on the first page of Google.

When going through their previous work ask yourself this question. “If you were their ideal customer what would you think of their work? Would you buy from them or go elsewhere?”

I hear it all the time. “I’ve hired people in the past and never got any new business.” It is sad to see business owners who are unable to meet the right people who can get their business to the next level. In business you are either growing or dieing. With more customers turning to the internet to purchase their goods and services it makes marketing online even more important.

(K.I.S.S.) Keep It Simple Sensational

Marketing is and should be the priority of every business. If you are a business owner and you lack a big vision for your company it will most likely show in your marketing efforts. Make a plan to get to a level where you can eventually hire someone to take care of the marketing.

The Steve Jobs Way

Always strive to learn what you don’t know and accept the fact that you can never stop learning, growing, or becoming a better leader. Jay Elliot, [Former Senior Vice President of Apple] states 9 important points in one of his books.

  • Be passionate about each project you work on
  • Be driven by an opportunity and create a product for it
  • Always be open to talent who can help
  • Do your best to make the product intuitive, so a user’s manual isn’t needed
  • Be really honest with yourself about your products
  • Ensure that the products represent you and your traits as a person
  • Work through your people and celebrate as a unit with every success
  • Keep innovating to get closer and closer to your ideal, your vision of perfection that goes beyond the currently achievable reality
  • Don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done

When you develop yourself as a leader you will be able to see things from a different perspective. Picking the right talent will become much easier. You will start spending your time where it is deserved and not where it is needed. You will value your time, have posture, negotiate better, and get what you want more of the time.

There are a lot of bad people who get what they want by taking advantage of good people, but, there are also good people who get what they want by inspiring others to take action.

Snippet video by popular demand.. Study great leaders and aspire to become a great leader. The world is lacking in strong leadership. We are all human and everyone makes mistakes (think Rob Ford). It doesn’t matter if a person screws up and everyone will throughout their life. Stuff happens when we take chances. Those who can admit their flaws and move on are the ones who can go places, get respect, and inspire others.

I hope you aren’t counting down the days until you go out of business. If you aren’t completely swamped with customers I will help you get into profit mode quickly. Did you know that many people need what you have but the ones that offer what they need when they search online are too busy to help them? If I like you and think you have what it takes to grow your business I will work with you and get you to the next level.

Could you use some help with getting more clients? Maybe business was booming a few years ago and has recently died down? Guess what, those customers are now shopping with your competitors. Want to win them back? Call me.