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We provide private marketing and consulting solutions for companies looking to dominate their marketplace. Working with us means having access to millions of dollars worth of marketing knowledge and experience.

Hard work beats talent but hard work + talent is better. We outwork the competition to get our clients the best results possible.

Some of the services provided to our clients

Lead Generation – Every business needs leads…

SEM/PPC/PPV/CPM Pay Per Click – Profitable paid traffic. Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing, Yahoo Gemini, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, Amazon PPC, YouTube ads, GSP, Traffic Vance, Sitescout, 50onRed, 7Search, popunders, PLA/Shopping Ads,  Media Buying, and more. A/B testing and Landing page creation/optimization. Set up and Management of $1,000,000+ in advertising spend each year in many industries. There is always a way to improve. We know how to take things to the next level and prefer working with clients that want the same.

Website development (CMS) – We can reverse engineer any website out there and create something similar or better on budget. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify*, Volusion, PHP, HTML5, Ruby On Rails, CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Laraval, ETC. Parallax, UX Responsive websites. High converting lead generating custom landing pages with conditional logic.

SEO Search Engine Optimization – When we deploy an SEO campaign our goal is to dominate page 1 rankings. My team has done this for thousands of websites and the rankings are still holding strong. Because Google is constantly changing its algorithms, I focus on the creation of quality content and building your site into an authority domain. On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Content Outreach/Promotion, Press Releases, Directory Submissions, Video/Image/PDF/Ebook SEO, Local SEO, Panda/Penguin Penalty (Negative SEO) recovery services. In less competitive niches I will not do any link building because an overly comprehensive campaign can put other companies out of business which I don’t think is the right thing to do. You only need enough to grow so don’t get greedy.

Email Marketing – Grow large email lists, Autoresponder setup, Set up and manage contests/sweepstakes, Soft/Hard Launches, JV list hacking, Email list Broker.

Social Media Marketing – All major platforms minus Snapchat. Build fan pages to millions of subscribers. Tools like Hootsuite, SocialOomph, TweetDeck, SproutSocial, Qwaya, Adespresso, Buffer, IFTTT, and more.

Software Development – Custom apps and software. My team has build 6-12 apps in the past 2 years and are no longer offering this as a service as we prefer to build our own.

Content Writing & Copywriting – HubSpot, Content Marketing, Ad Copy, Ebooks, PDF Spec Reports, SEO articles, Technical articles, Newsletters, Press Releases.

Request a strategic consultation. Skype: waterfallnowbc   “description: consultation”

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Search Engine Optimization/Marketing: Google, Yahoo, Bing. Google My Business, Google maps, image SEO, traffic and lead attraction/buying, keyword research, competition analysis, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content marketing, authority link earning, blog outreach, link building on relevant sites with good link profile (high TF, DA, etc), keyword research, content strategy, local SEO, local directory submission, panda/penguin penalty recovery, page speed optimization, video rankings. Strategic content development strategies include keyword targeted content to improve LSI on websites. Content for affiliate marketing sites, top quality ebooks, PR, biography, website page descriptions, product descriptions, reviews (positive only), PDFs, blog articles, technical articles, email Newsletters+autoresponder integration, and more.

Content marketing is a core part of my marketing strategy because the internet is 99% content. For details on hiring a content manager check out this article. You will find that my services are not only more affordable but make you more money.

I only use effective long-term:
 On-page site optimization
 Off-page site optimization
 SEO implementation
 SMO to increase traffic
 Articles writing and submissions
 Regular and detailed reporting
 Content Optimization and development
 Regular Competitor SEO analysis and follow up


 Analysis of site architecture and linking structure.
 Detailed Keyword research and analysis with higher ROI.
 Keyword Mapping
 Website Header Optimization
 Analysis of HTML and page design structure.
 Re-optimizing the page titles and Meta tags for the entire website and keep tweaking them, regularly, per search engine algorithmic changes.
 Schema Implementation.
 Content Optimization in existing web pages (per our requirement analysis to achieve goals) that will provide more deeper and fresh content for the indexing.
 Incorporating image optimization for the landing pages of the website.
 Applying Alt attributes to make site keyword rich.
 Incorporating further anchor optimization for the new landing pages of the website.
 Improving site navigation for better User Interface
 Optimizing the 404 Error page
 Create detailed product Descriptions
 Final Implementation


 Manual Search Engine Submission
 Relevant Directory Submission
 Regular Social Bookmarking Submission
 Article Creation, Submission & Marketing:
Well-written advisory articles will be posted on various industry-specific websites and as well as on Broad-based content
websites that accepts articles from various industries; usually classified in industry-related categories.
 Forum Profile Creation
 Classified Ads Creation & Posting
 Niche Based Blog Commenting
 Blog Submissions
 Social Bookmarking Promotion
 RSS Submissions

Some of our local SEO services

 Map optimization
 Strategic Citation submissions
 Website localization
 Social media mapping
 Backlinking optimization
 Search engine penetration (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
 And penetration of local search engines through few off page techniques
 Local directory submission and profile management

Public Relations:
 In conjunction with social media I also prepare and send out press releases to major websites
 Gain media exposure leveraging websites with millions of impressions per day throughout North America.
 Have articles featured on major news sites.
 Brand placement ; gain millions of impressions on fashion and related websites.

Report status [Monthly/Weekly]:

 Search Engine Ranking Reports
 Weekly Work status reports (Detailed)
 Client Support
 Traffic Status Report
 Webmaster Site Monitoring

Error Fixing – SEO related issues

 Doorway Pages
 Redirected Sites
 Sub-Domain Sites
 Mirror Pages & Sites
 Java script Pages
 Keyword Stuffing
 Frame Sites
 Duplicate Content
 Broken Links
 Script Errors
 Duplicate Pages
 Orphan Pages
 Hidden Text

My team of local and overseas developers averages 5+ years of experience with WordPress, HTML5, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Ruby on Rails, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Amazon, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more. We’ve built successful ecommerce businesses in different niches promoted through viral marketing strategies. Graphic/visual designing (Photoshop, Corel, CAD, Corel, SketchUp, InDesign, Illustrator, etc). Infographics. UX. responsive/mobile theme modification/testing. Custom Popup Forms. Custom landing pages, affiliate marketing, and more.
Pay Per Click Advertising/Media buying: Google, Display Ads, Shopping, Product Listing Ads (PLA), Adwords, Search Network, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Social Ads, Account set up+monitoring/optimization. Adwords recovery/unsuspension. Analytics integration + advanced remarketing hacks, sponsored ads, Traffic Vance, Adchoices,,, and more. Lead generation, list building, likes, shares, contests, promotions, and more. Experience managing over $1m+ in annual combined ad spend and able to produce results for both big and small companies.

Youtube Video Ads are currently a great way to advertise. $0.02 cents per view on YT or $0.0005 on Facebook.

 Done in conjunction with On-page and off-page search engine optimization.
 Proper keyword categorization and research.
 Google Adwords search, video, RLSA, call-only, and display network.
 Developing Adwords remarketing campaigns for search and display.
 Creating Google Shopping campaigns.
 Creating Excel macros and the Adwords Editor to scale PPC campaigns quickly and efficiently.
 Creating Adwords scripts to help automate monitoring and reporting.
 Setting up conversion goals and funnels using Google Analytics to measure and optimize performance.
 Crafting effective keyword lists that minimize wasted clicks and prioritize the best performers.
 Using advanced bidding strategies to maximize the best converting keywords.
 On-going testing of ad copy and ad extensions to improve CTR and reduce costs.
 Creating and testing landing pages using tools such as Unbounce, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, or Convertri, or custom PHP.
 Installation, tracking, and reporting on analytics-data.

Generate likes, shares, customer retention, build credibility and trust, increased exposure, branding, creation of online community, and more. Hootsuite, SocialOomph, TweetDeck, SproutSocial, likes, shares, viral marketing, traffic/lead generation, photo sharing, list building, and more. We dedicate one worker to dominate each separate platform. Which platform to target is dependent on the industry but we generally recommend Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

The following are the tasks my team is performing for social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + etc to increase traffic and likes:

 Create shareable blog posts and rank them for trending topics
 Comparison articles to other services/companies
 Photo sharing
 Link sharing with images
 Use tiny URL for sharing
 Like our theme related pages
 Join our theme related groups
 Comment on other theme related posts
 Blog creation, Updating & Promotion
 Video promotion (Video PPC and sharing)
 Youtube video SEO (a very strong marketing approach my team has been leveraging since 2013)
 Blog outreach
 Contest promotion
 Building a consent-based email list of subscribers

People ask me what the best source of leads is. Of all the things I’ve tried, the best method is OPL (Other People’s Lists). These are pre-qualified people who are already interested in your offer because they opted into an email list for a relevant offer, are proven buyers, and you have the warm introduction giving some instant credibility when done the right way.

Have a global audience and a brand that you want to promote to a large audience? I can set up your display ads to be featured on any website you desire.  Sites such as CNN, NBC News, Yahoo, Match, Local, Bright House, White Pages, Huffington Post, Fox News, TMZ, Sports Illustrated, and more! Over 20 billion daily impressions. Promoting a product for a specific niche? I’ll connect you with the email lists of over 100,000 internet marketers for a small fee and they will promote your product for you. Want clicks for less than a penny per click? Regular PPC won’t do that for you. There are other ways that most marketers have no clue about. The minimum investment to get access to secret traffic sources that require a minimum investment of $50,000 to get started are available but not necessary (Hint: It’s not Facebook or Google). In fact, only one of my current clients is using this traffic source. Other more mainstream and common traffic sources can work just as well without requiring a large upfront commitment.

Imagine if you can target any consumer profile in the world from their spending habits, interests, hobbies, sex, travel preferences, age, hair color, skin type, allergies, income, and more. All of this information is available for purchase from data brokers. Almost everyone uses the internet on their desktop or mobile device and all of that data is being collected about them on a daily basis.

You may think it’s not possible but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it works and thousands of IMers are using traffic platforms available to everyone to build massive incomes online. One method is to buy advanced data on targeted segments, create Facebook custom audiences, and only target highly targeted customers with paid ads mainly through retargeting platforms. It works in any industry. It costs less than $100 to get data (email, phone, address) on millions of people). This is how some people are making millions of dollars per day and probably why CANSPAM has taken effect due to the increased amount of spam in recent years. The IMers that have been coached on these strategies (+ creating automated/leveraged sales funnels) are making a lot of money ($6-7 figures per week). This is the get-rich-quick scheme that a lot of internet marketing guru’s practice yet don’t teach others because they don’t want others to know about it. My advice is if you are going to use this strategy, first develop something worth promoting that will make the world a better place and then go do it. Disclaimer: This method is prohibited by Facebook’s advertising terms of service so don’t use your main account.

Eg. screenshot I took a few years back. This is a list of only 1 one of 47,000 lists on ‘real estate investors in the USA.’ You can target any industry, any segment, and anything else you can imagine.

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list list1

One client now generating $40k/m as of 2014 through his list.

My main sources of instant traffic
 Email Media
 Banner/Display*
 Pay-Per-Click*
 Pay-Per View
 Solo Ads
 PTRs (Private Traffic Resellers
 Agencies
 Affiliate Networks
 CPA Traffic
 Social Media
 Mobile*
 Content syndication
 Retargeting
 Video Content
 Video PPC*
 Offline Media
 JV Traffic
 Podcasting
 Traffic Exchanges
 Social PPC*
 And More!

1-on-1 consultations. Business strategy, tips, and training – $2000/day to create and launch your business idea

How to get shipments from China to Amazon FBA

  • Video Marketing - YouTube video marketing campaign
  • Social Media Profile Development
  • Content Marketing - Drive pre-qualified buyers to your website
  • Pay Per Click Advertising - Google, Bing, SM, A/B Testing
  • Search Engine Optimization - Content, Backlinks
  • Blogs & Vlogs - Set up, training, or maintenance
  • Press Release - Syndication to the top 500 news sites.
  • Custom Responsive Wordpress Websites
  • Ecommerce Websites - Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, +
  • Prestashop , PHP , Css3 , Bootstrap, HTML5
  • Custom App Development
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Reputation Management - Business, Personal,
  • Business Plans
  • Product Research/Review
  • Import/Export Business Development
  • Customized Marketing Plans
  • Direct Mail Designed And Mailed
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Banners & Sign Advertising
  • Vehicle Advertising
  • TV Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design - Business Cards, Logos, Headers
  • Technical Writing
  • Translating Articles
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Marketing - PPC, Lead Generation, Content
  • Referral Marketing
  • Data Entry
  • Newsletter & Content Creation
  • Online Auctions - Amazon, Ebay, +
  • Ebook/Book Publication
  • Consultants
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Drop Me A Line

1 week after our initial consultation which is free of charge, I prepare a comprehensive analysis of your business [PDF] which includes marketing campaign details specific to you and your business as well as some general guidelines. I only work with businesses that can double or triple their sales after working with me and that deserve to have those results.

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Some Of The Tools We Use

We spend thousands of dollars on tools that most marketers don't use or don't know how to use. This is one of the reasons why we are able to get better results for our clients.


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